By HosieryQueen

Part 25

I quickly went into my apartment and found my handcuffs and took the elevator back up to Jaiden. I got to the apartment again and started rolling some joints while I took another beer. I thought about Lauren and how she was doing right now. If she just kept on getting fucked by Roger. Hmm…it started bothering me again. But then again, Jan had just fucked me. So I should maybe relax a little!? Mmm, that cock felt so good inside me. And his warm cum filled my pussy so nicely.

I had rolled a couple of joints, or 5 to be exact. I finished my beer and went to Lauren’s room and made myself a nice warm bath. I got in and just soaked for 1 hour – I think I even fell asleep for 15 or 20 minutes. I got up and took a shower and soaped myself in and cleaned my pussy inside too. After I washed myself, I put a towel around my dark red hair and put one of Lauren’s white fluffy bathrobe on. I walked up to Jaiden’s room and saw him lying sleeping in the bed. I pulled the blanket off him, seeing him lying there in the red pantyhose and bra, but without his mom’s g-string panties. I gently rubbed my hand over his little dick, and he slowly moved.

“Mmm…Mmmm…” He opened his eyes gently and stared into my face smiling at him.

“Hi! Nice sleeping in pantyhose?”

He blushed and sat up quickly as he hid his now semi-erect dick. He nodded gently.

“Looks good with your new pedicured feet! Take a bath and clean yourself well, then come downstairs!”

He got up and went to the bathroom.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen and made myself a coffee. 15 minutes later, he came down in a black bathrobe. “You want a coffee too, Jaiden?”

“Yes please!”

I got up and made him one.

He saw the joints on the table. “Ehmm, do you smoke weed?” and he turned around and looked at me.

“I sure do. I love it! Go ahead and lit one up! Makes you really relaxed!”

He turned around and grabbed a lighter from the kitchen table and a joint. “I always wanted to try it, but never had the chance!”

“Well go right ahead and enjoy. Just smoke slowly to start with, ok?”

I quickly grabbed my hormone drops from my purse and put 10 drops of them in his coffee again, then walked over with his coffee to the table and placed it in front of him. He got the joint lit and inhaled some of it. Then he started coughing.

“He-he…drink some coffee instead and hand me the joint!”

He gave me the joint and I smoked some of it. As he did not cough anymore, he drank some of his coffee.

“Wow, that’s strong! I feel it a little already!”

“Yeah, it’s the good kind! Just relax and enjoy it. You know you’re in good hands here!”