My sister’s boyfriend Luke Weston was possibly the sexiest dude I’d ever laid eyes on. I rarely found myself hung up on a dude but I’d been hung up on Luke since the day he and my sister met. After a year of dating my sister, he moved into our house and it made the sexual tension I’d been experiencing a million times worse. I didn’t want to continue being a third wheel so I began to look for a new place to live. Immediately after I told them I was looking for my own place, Luke’s attitude towards me changed. He usually said no more than a few words to me whenever we were around each other and suddenly he was talking to me more and hanging out with me more. And I wasn’t too sure but there was something about the way he looked at me sometimes that made me think he knew I liked to get fucked.

When Super Bowl weekend rolled around and my sister was out of town, so I decided to put Luke through a test. That whole weekend I walked around the house sagging and wore my boxer briefs instead of boxers to show off my ass. He played it cool Friday night but when I walked in front of the TV Saturday morning, I noticed him looking at me. I could see his reflection in the TV since the sunlight was hitting it just right. I had my suspicions but that’s all they were. It all could’ve been in my head. And even if it wasn’t all in my head, he was my sister’s boyfriend. I couldn’t cross that line even if I wanted to.

“David” Luke called out from the living room. “Will you bring me another beer from the fridge?”

“Yeah, I got you,” I replied from the kitchen. After finishing the sandwich I was making, I grabbed a bottle of Heineken from the refrigerator and took it out to him.

“Thanks.” He popped off the top and took a few quick sips from it before asking, “You gonna watch the game here tonight or are you going somewhere?”

“I’m gonna watch it here. You?”

“My boys want me to watch it with them at the club but I know if I go I’ll drink too much and I gotta work in the morning. I’m just gonna watch it here.”

“Oh okay.” I sat down on the other end of the sofa and started eating my sandwich. “Man, what are you watching?”

He laughed and answered, “Some weird ass comedy movie. You can turn it if you want to.” He slid the remote over to me and I changed the channel to BET. “Hey, I meant to ask you about that dude that came over here late last night. He work with you or something?”

I immediately clinched up when he asked me that because the guy was my most recent fuck buddy, Justin. He was married and had a k**. We met at the gym and hooked up a few times but then he started feeling guilty for cheating on his wife and stopped talking to me for three months. When he came over late that Saturday night, he wanted me to come with him to a hotel room so we could fuck but I told him no. I hadn’t been fucked in over three months so the last thing I needed was a dude with an eleven inch dick that’s known for showing my ass no mercy, to open me back up. If I was going to get fucked for the first time in three months then it was going to be with somebody I knew would take their time and let me get comfortable.