Chapter 1: Xena ………….

Cuckoldry Descent in Older Age. Chapter 1
We first met Xena about three years ago and, over time, I noticed how she became inseparable friends with my wife, Mandy. They spent a lot of time together, both being retired, going to women’s events, luncheons, girls’ nights, and those one on one, around the table, sessions over a bottle of wine or bubbly that can last hours. From what Mandy told me, it was clear they shared a lot about themselves with each other. Mandy usually updated me on the spicy Xena news in our reviews of the day, so I learned quite a lot about the proclivities of this attractive and charismatic woman.

Xena is a 63 year old, demure looking woman who looks good and is young for her age. She’s actually younger than us – we are in our early seventies – though happily we don’t look any older, perhaps even younger – me through good luck and a sporting life, and my wife through plastic surgery. Xena is short, about 5 foot four, and slim. She maintains a nice figure. She wears her still dark hair long to the shoulders. Though small in stature, she is disproportionately large breasted; something she never fails to feature in her choice of clothing. She laughs a lot, is good company and is never shy about discussing subjects many consider to be taboo. Xena is single, having divorced a number of years ago. She lives alone, but rents out a room in her well-appointed home to someone called Pam.

Pam is a strange woman – quiet but weird. I was always wary of her; for some reason, I sensed there was something funny about her quite early on, though initially could never put my finger on what it was. She is much shorter than Xena – I would say about 4 foot 10 – and about the same age. Unlike Xena, she isn’t good looking. She has a round face, funny asymmetric eyes and a pug nose, all surrounded by close cropped, almost crew cut like, blonde hair. Since we live in a warm climate, she usually chooses to wear tight shorts that reveal her thick, muscular thighs and a large backside, the latter balanced by a protruding stomach sitting over the camel-toe perpetually exhibited between her legs. Like Xena, she has big breasts, but ones that had dropped a lot with age, so that they now formed pendulous lobes, with prominent nipples permanently erect against the sheer tops she favored. Pam has an unusual relationship with Xena. Xena always takes her to gatherings, but more as a servile pet than a friend. Pam just follows Xena around, doing her bidding, carrying and fetching on command.

I learned from Mandy quite early on that Xena had an oversized libido, coupled with unusual sexual habits. Being divorced, of course, Xena was free to seek men out for sex as and how she wanted. And according to Mandy, her appetite was insatiable. She had a large rotation of men that, as Mandy put it, “submissively served her needs” – many of them married, though Mandy wouldn’t say who until much later. Xena clearly felt safe sharing details of her sex life with Mandy and must have expected I would get to hear about it. Looking back, I suspect that much of what she told Mandy must have been deliberately for my ears. And though Mandy tended in the early days to be a little coy on detail, enough got through to me to get my juices flowing. The detail that fascinated me was that Xena was female dominant. Mandy described her as a widow spider, always laying traps to catch unsuspecting men that she would then voraciously consume. Xena wasn’t shy blackmailing men into submission, apparently, particularly the married ones. According to Mandy, Xena required all her sexual partners to be submissive in the act. And more than that, she was apparently sadistic in her treatment of them. I could see from the flush of Mandy’s face when describing some of Xena’s sexual escapades, that she found them quite arousing.