Daddy: Mmm I’ll cum with you

Slutty daughter: yes daddy

Daddy: Mmm Wanna be my little girl 😉

Slutty daughter: yes

Daddy: Mmm let me see that tight little pussy of yours darlin

Daddy: Is your cunt still hurting?

Slutty daughter: yeah

Daddy: Mmm I can rub it better for you

Slutty daughter: even if i shake?

Daddy: Mmm yes I will rub your pussy nice and gently, does it feel a bit better?

Daddy: My soft warm hands rubbing your pussy lips is it getting better?

Slutty daughter: it is ow daddy

Daddy: Mmm maybe if I kiss it better? want me to kiss you cute pussy

Slutty daughter: yes

Slutty daughter: lick?

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Slutty daughter: thank you daddy

Daddy:No worries anything for my little girl, ops it seems inside your cunt is very dirty want me to clean it with my tongue?

Daddy: I don’t want you getting an infection

Slutty daughter: yes please very quick

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Slutty daughter: okay daddy

Daddy: Mmm wow Daddies tongue can fit right up inside you how does it feel?

Slutty daughter: its making me moan

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Slutty daughter: daddy your makig me shake

Daddy: well you’re enjoy it too much… that makes you a slut… you know what happens to sluts…

Slutty daughter: what

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