Daddy’s Girl 2: An Obedient DaughterDaddy’s Girl 2: An Obedient Daughter 2

This is a continuation of my previous story Daddy’s Girl 1: The Lunch.

The ride from the restaurant was quite uneventful. Daddy was already in his 50’s and I thought he would not have enough stamina to keep up with the advances of a horny young teenager.

Boy was I wrong.

Although daddy seemed a bit flustered and shocked at the restaurant, it became quite evident that he was totally into me. I had my jacket on, and my skirt pulled down as much as I could. I kept looking outside the window, without paying much attention to daddy. I had other plans for him that night. But, things took a different turn pretty quickly.

It must have been going on for quite a while, but I only felt it quite late. Everytime daddy changed gears his knuckles would touch my bare knees. Soon, his arm began sliding over my thighs when he changed gears.

I was amused, and rested my legs close to the gear box, to make ti easier for daddy to feel me. No sooner had I done that, daddy put his hand over my knee. A big smile crept pup on my face. He began caressing my knees and his hands slowly inched upwards, onto my thighs. He only took his hand off to change gears, and it would fly back to my milky, smooth thighs.

“You know”, Daddy said, his hand coming dangerously close to my skirt hem, “you remind me of Tamanna”

“Who! That film actress?” I asked

“Un-hun” he nodded. His fingers crawling under my skirt, just inches away from my moist pussy. I was already feeling my heartbeat rise. “She always makes daddy so hard!” He looked at me, “Just like how you are making me feel” he squeezed my supple thighs.

My body reacted instinctively, and my legs closed in, pressing against Daddy’s fingers.

Dad was grinning, like he had won a big prize. I could see a large bulge on his crotch, and my throat went dry. I sucked in air, just at the thought of his cock.

Dad kept massaging my thighs with his fingers, making me all the more crazy. He was an experienced man. He knew just where to touch a woman to make her feel excited.

Soon, we reached the house. Once we got out of the car,I followed daddy into the house. Once inside, daddy immediately grabbed me and started kissing me.

He sucked on my lips hungrily, pressing my body against his. I was slightly taken aback by this, but soon came to my sense. I responded by kissing him. I parted my lips to allow him to ravage my mouth. Our tongues danced inside our mouths, saliva freely flowing between the four lips. Daddy was a little taller than me so I had to arch my head up to meet his lips. In this process, my body inadvertently pressed against his, and I could feel his throbbing cock pressing against my abdomen. Even with the thick fabric of his pants covering his crotch, i could still feel the hardness pushing against me.