Daddy’s Naughty Daughters

by Worik_BrownChapter 1

Crissy Adams squirmed in bed and sighed. She opened her eyes and

squinted against the morning sun shining in through the curtains of her

bedroom window.

“Oooooh,” she murmured softly, gliding her hands under the sheet. A hot

shiver swept over her hot virgin body as her hands settled on her small

plump tits.

Her nipples hardened and a tremor in her pussy made her hips jerk.

Eager and hot, she kicked off the sheet and pulled her pink baby-doll

nightie from her lithe virgin body.

Shaking, she caressed her bare tits, her breathing shallow, raspy. Her

smooth silky flesh felt as if it were on fire.

“Oh, damn,” she muttered, writhing on her back. Her glassy blue eyes

stared down at her tits and massaging fingers. It was almost as if she

were watching someone else fondle her creamy tit mounds. She squeezed

them and moaned, her thighs clapping tightly together, the squishy

cream of her pussy soaking the crotch of her panties.

With one hand still caressing and massaging her plump tits, Crissy

moved her other hand to her pink bikini bottoms. Teasing herself, she

slipped her hand into her panties and played with the soft silky hair

of her blonde-thatched virgin pussy. Her breath caught in her throat

and she spread her legs.

“Mmmm,” she purred, dipping one finger through the wet slippery gash of

her cunt. “Oooooh!” Her hips jerked up as the tip of her finger glided

over her blood-filled sensitive clit. “Unnnn!”

Trembling, she stroked her pussy, the tip of her tongue flicking over

her Parted lips to keep them moist as she gasped air into her lungs.

Warm pussy-cream drenched her urgent fingers and the sweet scent of her

turned-on pussy drifted up to make her head spin.

Panting, she tore off her panties, exposing her bare pussy. She closed

her eyes, pretending her father was at the foot of the bed watching

her. “Ooooh, Daddy. Look at me.” It was a hoarse whisper of


She spread her legs wide, parted the satiny folds of her cunt and

rolled her hips. The red glistening slit of her virgin fuckhole was

completely displayed. “I’m so wet, Daddy,” she whispered. She pinched

her clit and shuddered as tiny spasms rippled through her writhing


Whimpering, Crissy rolled over onto her belly. She pressed her tits

against the mattress, her nipples pleasurably sore as she rubbed them

against the sheet. “Un … un … un.”

Keeping her legs spread, Crissy reached around, and she parted the

cheeks of her firm heart-shaped ass. “Look, Daddy,” she moaned, her

words muffled against a pillow. She exposed her wrinkled pinkish-brown

asshole and squirmed.

“I’m so hot!” she gasped, writhing on her belly. She brought her hands

under her body, raking her nails over her clit. Spasms caromed through

her virgin fuckhole and warm sticky pussy-cream oozed out over her