yesterday was a new sexual experience I never imagine It could feel great being naked all the time

Jim and Joan were sitting naked on the deck when I pulled into the camp ground.Jim walked down telling me where to park it ,”follow me” he said getting on his golf cart.Joan smiled and waved as I followed him. He guided me in a place beside a deck and helped me unhook .He was very friendly helping me get the electric and water hooked up, telling me Joan will come by later with the recite. He said Joan had told him how we fooled around yesterday saying that me he didn’t mind at all. “She doesn’t get it much any more and she was on cloud nine all day” then chuckled.He pointed “our trailer is up there dont be surprised if she knocks on your door some night”. He said I was welcome any time to do a three some with them,some thing we both enjoy.then drove off.I finished getting setting up and was sitting on the deck enjoying the warm sun on my naked body when I heard a “hello”. I opened my eyes seeing Dee standing there “We are neighbors “she said pointing to her trailer.Seeing her warm smile I asked her to sit down. “I just want to warn you I some times it gets loud” then laughed. “I have heard a lot about you” I said “but I am cool with that”.”Your going to like it here”.she then said that she and her husband have been camping her for 10 years now.

Dee was quite pretty short brown hair , green eyes ,nice size tits and a well manicured bush . As she sat there with her legs slightly parted her thick lips protruded out from her bush.”Do you have a girlfriend “? she asked then commented on the hickies Lynne had given me,”I didn’t see them yesterday”.I informed her that I did have a female friend and that she will join me from time to time”will she share you”Dee asked.I told her maybe ,” we were just friends with benefits at this time”.

Dee told me that her husband works a lot and she here by her self.”Would you like a soda “I asked standing up going to my cooler ,she said yes.I could see her checking out my body when I walked back handing her a drink.”You have a nice package, how old are you” she asked.” I told her 45 ,same age as my husband” she replied “I just turned 40″.

While talking to me her legs were fanning opened and closed.When she seen me looking at her pussy she said ” sorry “and closed her legs. “I am always horny and my husband isn’t here to give me what I need”. She told me her husband said she could play with who ever wants her when he is not here. She smiled opening her legs again “so do you want to play”. She then said she remembered me do Joan yesterday ,”it turned me on watching.” She said “after seeing you perform with Joan ,and those hickies “she just had to ask.