DeAnn's Birthday Trip - Part FiveDeAnn’s Birthday Trip- Part 5

The days flew by and we did some snokeling, surfing, a helicopter tour of the island and one afternoon we rented 3 Harley’s and rode to the other end of Maui where it’s like all jungle and just beautiful. Myself, Suzy, and Angel all have motorcycle licenses and the other girls climbed on the back and we roared off. Of course we continued to have the best girl sex ever and all of them seemed to be really enjoying their roles as my submissive play things. I’m so programmed to be submissive myself that my role as a Mistress felt funny at times but I managed…lol.

What a wonderful trip but alas I found myself and my sub girlfriends on our last day. We had to leave Maui tomorrow and I thought, We need to do something extra special tonight, our last night.
The whole trip was extra special so I needed to think hard to find a real, “Last night in Paradise” activity and that’s when I remembered seeing a Luau billed as for adults only advertised and happening tonight.
After calling them and getting some information I reserved our tickets and thought how really cool our last night was going to be.

The Luau was on a private estate just outside Lahaina and we had several hours still to shop and find some cool “Adult Luau” clothes to wear. The event was being hosted by a swingers club here on the island and I was told the tickets included open bar and live music along with a roasted pig and all the usual Luau foods plus the possibility of some very adult behavior among the guests. A no pressure event where you can watch or join and a good time was guaranteed for all.

I rented a limo and when it arrived at our hotel we all climbed in the back. All of us had found great Luau outfits during our shopping spree earlier. Long sarongs with thigh high slits and halter style tops and of course high heels. No bras, No Panties. All my girls were still wearing the Tiffany’s gold chain and heart padlock jewelry I had given them at the airport when our jet landed and with our new tans they really looked hot. I had one too and mine had “MISTRESS” engraved on the heart shaped padlock. All of theirs had “OWNED” engraved on the locks. We were ready to party.

We arrived and were seated at a large table with other guests. The tables were arrainged around a lighted stage area. Out past that was the ocean and a great beach with Palm Trees. It was a gorgeous setting. This event was restricted to couples and single ladies. No single men at this which was perfect for our needs. I had talked to my husband earlier and told him about our plans and he told me to have fun with no preconditions on our last night. He assured me he spoke for the other guys too. I shared that with “my girls” and so we were really excited and looking forward to a hot time tonight.