I have been debating whether or not to share this with the community. I have shared this with a few friends here and have gotten positive feedback to where I was encouraged to share it with the rest of you. I am certain some of you may say that the characters in this fantasy are outdated or are “have beens”, still I cannot get this scenario out of my mind.
Here goes….

So my fiancé really has a “thing” for Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Not going to lie, I find Britney (Spears) to be incredibly hot, too.

One night he and I were watching the video of “Me Against He Music”. Yes, I know it features Madonna. This really revolves around what Britney was wearing. I am referring to her business suit in the video. So now let’s get to my erotic dream.

In my dream I am on the couch and have fallen asleep watching television. A knock at the door awakens me. I arrive at the door to find Britney there with her hair down and her hat’s brim hiding her face. She enters as if she owns the place and says: “We’re here for him.” I ask: “You are here for who? And who are ‘we’?” I ask. She points to the door and Jennifer Lopez struts in and Jennifer answers: “Your man-that’s who” as she flings her hat on the dining room table while walking in. Britney then orders to Jennifer: “Go get him and bring him here.” Jennifer disappears only to have him by his arm as he is a little drowsy. She throws him in a chair and then pulls off his pajama pants. Britney now flings her hat away and tosses her head so her hair flails about. “You’re ours” she tells him. Jennifer drops to her knees and spreads his legs at the same time. Her dark hair flies all over his stomach and crotch. Britney approaches him as she undoes her jacket. Her jacket drops to the floor and I see she is wearing a black lace thong teddy. She steps up on the chair so that her crotch is right there in front of his face. She grabs her pants and pulls forward-tearing them off her magnificent body. Jennifer is now out of her jacket and clawing at his thighs and tracing his hardening, growing cock with her fingernails slowly. His breathing is getting labored as Jennifer is arousing him more and more. Britney unsnaps her thong’s crotch and places her right (outside) leg over his shoulder so I can watch his tongue work her delicious pussy. Jennifer now places him in her mouth. He has one hand on Jennifer’s head petting and playing with her hair as she works him as he has the hand under Britney’s ass to support her while he pleasures her orally. Britney looks at me as she bucks into him slowly. Her mouth agaped and breathing heavily with her eyes full of lust and fire. She squeezes her left breast and cocks her head back. Her other hand holds his head firmly against her and she starts to make little sounds of orgasmic ecstasy only to be followed by: “yes…yes….yeS….yessss…fuck, yes! YESSSSSS!!!!” She cums all over his face. She then gets down and gets behind Jennifer and takes over the rhythm of Lopez’s blow job as she forces Jennifer face to take him further down her throat. I hear Jennifer gag and he thrusts hard inside her mouth. His ass lifts off the chair as he erupts inside her mouth. Jennifer stands up and Britney and Jennifer kiss as Britney slowly lowers herself down on his cock, reverse cowgirl style. I watch as she guides him inside her. Jennifer licks his disappeared shaft and sucks on Britney’s clit. Then we watch as Britney uses her new toy for her pleasure. Jennifer pulls Britney’s teddy down to reveal Britney’s tits and Jennifer begins to suck on them and then bites her nipples while slightly pulling on them with her teeth. Britney begins to lift her hips and falls on his cock hard as Jennifer tends to her tits. They then kiss as Jennifer rubs Britney’s swollen clit. Britney then looks to her left, to look at me. She is moaning harder and faster as her pussy is being stretched by his thick cock. Jennifer pushes on Britney’s mound and makes her take my man’s cock. He then shudders as a violent orgasm rips through his body. I watch as his huge load drips from Britney’s used snatch.