[ Again, this one is for Robert and Tara! Exploring new territory can be very, very exhilarating, and even a little bit nerve-wracking (but still a lot of fun)! ]

I’d told Tara that I owned a ‘chastity cage’ (not an expensive one, but still, it did the job pretty well for all that), and she was very intrigued by knowing this!

“Hmmm,” she’d said as I told this. “Can I see it?”

I had it stashed away in a hard-to-find place, and when I brought it out and showed her, her face broke into a beaming smile; and seeing that excited me; and I began to get an erection because of her sly expression!

“I’ve never really seen one of these before,” she said; “I mean, an actual one.” She added.

She picked it up and looked at it closely for a moment. Then, glancing up at me, she said: “If I have you wear this,” as she spoke, she hefted it in her hand, “I’d expect you to wear it until I say you can take it off. Could you do that? Or, would you do that? If I asked you to?”

I felt an upsurge of excitement and that butterfly feeling washed over me; and I replied: “Of course! Whatever you ask!”

“Be careful of saying that!” She said, now smiling broadly. “Because I’ll definitely expect you to wear that till I say otherwise!”

“Okay,” I replied, still feeling the butterflies whirling around in my stomach, “I’d do that. That is, if you want me to.”

She grinned at that. “Well then,” she said, handing me to chastity cage, which was perched on her upturned palm, “put it on.”


“Yes, now,” she said, still faintly smiling, but at the same time, her facial expression now had a more serious aspect about it; which made her words come across more like an order, than a request; and that sent a wave of undeniable excitement through me.

“Okay,” I said, and I sat the chastity cage down on the bed Tara was setting on as we’d been talking, and I unzipped my jeans, and pulled them, as well as my undershorts, down to just above my knees.

“Your getting excited, I see!” Tara observed my small, but stiffening penis. She smiled at that. Then she added, as I unfastened the small padlock that held the chastity cage together: “This is going to be SO much fun, I think!”

“Oh yes?”

“Well, it certainly will be for me! I don’t know about you, though!” and at that she laughed, and her sexy face seemed to light up.

It took some effort to get the cage on. First, because I’d begun to get an erection, I had to let it go down before I could fit the restraining portion onto the ring that surround my cock as well as my balls; but I eventually got it on, and it was Tara who took the padlock and fastened it. In fact, as I watched her putting the shackle through the connecting pin, and then heard the distinctive ‘click’ sound as she secured it in place, my cock started throbbing once again; and it got stiff enough to start to give off that cramped feeling that was the sign that if went any further, that the device I now wore, would start to exert some ‘discomfort!’