So I went cruising the escort sites tonight and came across a good one. Sweet looking nubile claiming she was 18 and put “desperate” in her headline, of course I perked up, but knowing these things are usually fake I never called. Her pics were pretty crappy and taken with one hand but the body and face were angelic. She was clothed and taking the pics in a commercial bathroom by shooting the reflections in the mirror. She looked about 90 pounds and about 5 feet tall max, short and skinny little blonde but too good to be true. I jerked to the pics a little and went back to youtube. About two hours later I went back to rub out a nut and there was a new add with her same pics and info so I texted, are you available, and got an immediate response, in all caps YES. Now I’m getting horned up. So I called, she answered on the first ring.

She went by Meagan (Turned out to be her real name Meagan Luper) and I asked if she had an incall, this is where things got interesting. She didn’t know what an incall was, had no hotel and even asked if she could stay with me tonight for $200. I asked her if she could come over and she stated she had no car but was at the Taco Bell at Lemmon and 75.

Here’s the low down, her boyfriend/sugar daddy was arrested for DWI in that parking lot around 4 this afternoon and
she’d been there ever since, it was about midnight by now. She was from Odessa and had just met him that afternoon, he had flown her down and now she was stuck. She had met him on seeking arrangements . com and was looking to be a sugar baby, well things definitely were looking up for me. I told her I’d be there in thirty minutes grabbed my keys and headed out.

I got there about 1 AM and there she was, alone, scared and definitely desperate. Black tank top and jeans looking like a deer in the headlights small town corn pone hoe. I picked her up and we drove to the Hotel Zaza about a $250 a night hotel here in Dallas and got a room. I wanted her to give me everything and thought the best was to impress her with a nice room. It worked. When we got in the room the first thing I did was snap a picture of her.

As soon as we got in the room, and after my pic I pulled out my cash and handed her the $200, she took it and just looked the floor, I pulled out my cock which was already hard and said,”Ok, start sucking” and she said, “umm what about the condom” I snatched the money back out her hand  put my cock back in my slacks and said,”no problem, let me take you back to Taco Bell” Now she got in desperation mode hardcore, started crying and begging not to put her out. “OK” I said “I’ll let you stay here tonight and give you $500 but I get all your holes and no condom”.