This is a long story about several women and their fates. Not all is fantasy but based on personal experiences as a Master. Some is clearly pure fantasy, which is which is up to the reader to decide.

14. DinnertimeTina had arrived back at Master’s quarters and was now enjoying time in the

shower. Master had said nothing to her when she arrived back except get yourself cleaned up and presentable for dinner. Gina had gone into the bathroom to help Tina and to freshen up as well.

“Things will be ok now Tina.” Gina whispered.

“No, they won’t.” Tina sobbed.

“Trust me Tina. It will be ok. I can’t say more now but you are sleeping here tonight and tomorrow you’ll see.” Gina was still whispering.

“Are you sure? Really sure?” Tina asked.

“Yes, but I can’t say more now.” Gina replied.

Gina hoped the shower had drowned out the conversation otherwise she might be in even more trouble.

If Master had been at his desk he would have both heard and seen what was going on in the bathroom but as luck would have it for Gina, he was sitting on the couch and smoking with a drink. Gina helped Tina dry off after her shower and then handed her a pair of white stockings to put on. She also gave Tina white 6inch heels to wear. Tina was dressed in white and Gina in black. Tina fully expected Gina to put her thigh straps back on and stretch her pussy lips but Gina put those straps away.

“Shouldn’t you put on my straps?” Tina asked.

“No Master told me to just dress you without any extras.”

“Really?” Tina asked.

“Yes, do not worry about it.”

“You have stars in your collar Gina I wish I had some too.” Tina was about to start crying again.

“Yes, but don’t cry now we don’t have time to do your make up again.”

“Come Master is waiting.”

“What is that on your hip Gina? Let me see.”

Tina bent down to take a look at Gina’s brand.

“Oh, that must have hurt terribly.”

“It did, and it still does but it is ok.” Gina replied.

Gina attached a leash to Tina’s collar and again prompted her to move along. Tina was still in pain, but it felt good to be able to walk without the pulling and stretching of her pussy lips. Tina felt a little better now, but she was still very apprehensive. Gina had not had an easy day either and although Gina now had stars in her collar and Tina had to obey Gina, there was still a form of kinship between the two women now.

Master looked up when the two slaves entered the main room.

“Come over here and sit on each side of me.”

Both Gina and Tina was a little surprised that they would be allowed to sit next to Master instead of kneeling beside him.

“Gina. I have decided to postpone your punishment until tomorrow. Tina in case Gina has not told you already, you are sleeping here tonight but not in your cot.”