Dinner Sex With Dad’s Friend And Dad!Dinner Sex With Dad’s Friend And Dad! 2Dinner Sex With Dad’s Friend And Dad! 3
I am a software engineer . I am 24 years old. I have a milky complexion. My figure is 38-24-37. I have huge boobs and ass with a tiny waist.

So, this story happened last year with my dad’s friend, Rohan. He is the hottest among all my dad’s friends and I had a huge crush on him.

One day, he invited us to his house for dinner. That night, I was wearing a blue dress that was till above my knees. It was a sleeveless dress, so my huge boobs were very prominent.

We all sat at the table for dinner and I happened to sit next to my dad’s friend Rohan. The casual chitchat was going on when I felt a hand between my thighs, and I looked below. It was his hand! I was shocked and froze in my seat.

He began pinching my thighs underneath the table and I shouted a bit. Everyone turned around and asked me what happened. I smiled awkwardly and said that an ant bit me.

They laughed and began to chitchat again. Even Rohan continued pinching me harder and harder, I was biting my lips to stop myself from shouting. After some time, he stopped pinching and started to rub my thighs in such a way that I started to get turned on.

Then my dad’s friend stopped suddenly and got up from the table. He told me to come upstairs to show me some projects. I refused but my parents asked me to go.

I was walking in front of him and I was very aware of him staring at my ass. Soon, we were in his room. As we entered, Rohan closed and locked the door and told me to sit on the bed. I asked him why did he lock the door? He said that he was going to show me a special project.

I sat on the bed, sweating and fiddling my thumb. Suddenly, Rohan came and whispered in my ear to read the file he gave me. I shivered and got goosebumps. With trembling hand, I took the file and began to read.

Rohan pulled a chair and sat close to me and began to remove his shirt. I was peeking through the file, my dad’s friend had rock hard abs with bulging biceps. Within seconds, he lifted me and made me sit on his lap. I was frozen. I was sitting on him holding the file like a statue.

Rohan began to explain to me the content in the file, while one of his hands was tightly holding me in the waist and the other was lifting my dress up.

Then he unzipped my dress, my bareback was touching his abs. He continued explaining while both his hands moved to my boobs and started squeezing it on top of my dress.

Unknowingly, I let out a moan. At that moment, Rohan stopped explaining and threw me on the bed and got on top of me.