Divorce Hot For Married GuyI walked into the meeting with a number of consultants helping us to better use analytics in our company. I sat down for the initial kickoff meeting and there was one consultant, that caught my eye. He was obviously the leader and was dressed nicer than everyone else. I soon learned that his name was Bill and he was a Vice President in his company.

After the meeting Bill caught a few of us in the hall and made sure we knew that we could reach out to him with any information or concerns about the project. I tried to get a peek at his left hand to see if he was married, but did not get a good view of his hand.

Later the project team, about 12 of us, went out to the Hereford House for dinner. A few of us were the first to arrive and seated. Soon, Bill and the executives showed up. Bill sat diagonally across from me at the table and drove the group conversation. He was consummate gentleman and worked the table. When someone was having trouble finding a voice at the table, he made sure to get him or her involved.

Bill was 45 year old handsome gentleman, stood 6-2 and was quite fit. Dark blonde hair and longer face, I was guessing he was of German or eastern Europe decent. I knew deep in my heart that he was married. I guess I could not hide my infatuation with him as I made eye contact with him quite often. Mid way through the meal, I got up and went to the bathroom; when I came out of the bathroom, I ran into Bill. He said that if I was not doing anything after dinner there were a couple of people going to the bar next door and should stop by.

Dinner finished and I decided to go next door with Bill. My friend Michelle went over to the bar with me and Bill was there with one of our VPs. He saw us and waved us over to the bar with him and Kathy. We ordered a round of drinks and we all talked. Kathy and Michelle had to leave, so I thought I should go too. However, Bill asked if I would stay for one more drink. I agreed and Bill and I started chatting. When the second glass of wine came, I realized he was drinking only soda water. I asked him about it and he said he liked being in control and but was perfectly fine with everyone else drinking. Well everyone else was me, and I was getting a little tipsy as the chat turned to pretty heavy flirting. I asked, “Do you travel a lot?.

“Yes, just about every week, Monday through Thursday.” I was quite attracted to Bill and eventually undid a button on my blouse exposing a bit more of my chest.

Finally, the wine was clouding my judgment and I removed another filter. I asked, I have a personal question for you. He said, OK, with one condition, that he gets to ask me personal questions. I agreed, then asked, “When you ever get tempted or have you cheated on your wife?” Bill did not flinch but smiled.