Do me Daddy
The phone vibrated next to Lauren. It was in silent mode as she was studying for her chemistry midterm in the student library. She glanced down at it and was surprised to see that it was Vicky calling.

Lauren had known Vicky for almost four years or since the two had started as freshmen at Florida State.

Vicky wasn’t really what Lauren would call a close friend and she only heard from her occasionally. She seldom saw her around campus and wondered if she was even still going to class.

What she did know about Vicky was that she was quite a bit on the wild side.

Vicky was what most would call a knockout. “(Escort daughter From (xsofiax dot com)”)At five foot eight and one hundred forty pounds she had curves in all the right places.

She had auburn shoulder length hair, full and shapely D cup breasts, a breathtaking heart shaped ass, and legs to die for.

When they had been taking classes together, in the second semester of freshman year, Vicky had successfully dared Lauren into getting up for an amateur night at a nearby strip club called college cuties.

Vicky had won the amateur night and afterward started working at the club, dancing two nights a week.

Lauren had gotten a thrill from her experience at the amateur night but did not want to take time away from her studies in order to work that kind of a part time job. She was also afraid that her own high libido would get her too involved in what Vicky was very much too involved in.

Laurens father was taking care of her tuition and expenses and she was determined to graduate on time and with a degree. He had offered her more of a stipend for school but she wanted to be mostly independent and provide for her own spending money.

Lauren worked some hours at the campus bookstore and also made a little money tutoring underclassmen.

Vicky had started school on some grants and student loans. The job at the strip club provided her spending money. That was enough at first.

After a few months Vicky decided to up the ante.

Lauren was no prude and was quite experienced sexually but Vicky was taking experienced to a whole new level.

Vicky was now regularly engaging in activities that Lauren could not envision herself doing.

Only twice had Lauren succumbed to her friends pleading to help her out and earn some quick money. Those occasions had been very exciting and the money was nice but in the year since the last session she had resisted a couple of requests to earn some more.

Vicky had moved quickly from dancing on stage for tips, to the more lucrative private dances in the VIP room, where she learned to dry hump horny men until they came in their pants and gave her a bigger tips.

Before very long Vicky had set up shop in an off campus apartment and had set herself up in the pay for play business. It had become clear to her that she had a talent that was going to waste in giving dry humps and the occasional handjob at the strip club.