We returned to the hotel after dinner and I stopped at
the front desk to get laundry detergent so I could wash
Daddy’s laundry, he got an ice cream and I handed the
young man behind the desk the last of my cash and
smiled. I noticed the tattoos on his neck and arms as he
handed back my change.

I followed stepdad back up to the room. I gathered his
clothes and kicked off my shoes and made my way down to
the second floor to start the wash. It wasn’t until I
got to the washers that I realized I would need
quarters, and I had just spent my cash.

I went back up to the room and sorted my change to get
as many quarters as I could but it wasn’t enough to run
the dryers too so I set the bag down and took my wallet
downstairs to get some cash. I asked at the front desk
for an ATM and found out the nearest one was a block

I really didn’t want to go back out so I asked if I
could pay for the detergent and ice cream with my debit
card and have my cash back. The young man with the
tattoos tried to figure out a way but his cash drawer
would come up short then.

A lovely young lady with long black hair came out from
the office and together they tried to figure out a way
to make the change. Finally they both offered to just
lend me the dollar or so in quarters I needed and she
went out to her car and got a few while the young man
handed me a couple from his own pocket.

I smiled at their generosity and felt a little foolish,
but gratefully accepted the quarters from each, thinking
how I might make it up to them later. They were so sweet
and so nice about it.

I headed back up to the room and told Daddy there was
not ATM but the front desk clerks had loaned the
quarters so I could do the laundry for him. He smiled at
me and said that was very nice of them.

I beamed as I picked up the bag of laundry and my little
stack of quarters and the box of detergent and kicked of
my shoes again to head back to the laundry room. I
couldn’t help smiling, I was enjoying doing things for
him, it made me feel useful and appreciated.

I started up the laundry, checking the pockets before I
put it each piece in the washer and found his phone in
the pocket of the shorts he had been wearing. I set it
aside and started the wash going, then checked the time
and headed back up.

I came back in the room and handed him his phone, “Don’t
want to wash that.”