He smiled and said he didn’t realize I had taken the
shorts he had just taken off too. I smiled back.

He was lying back on the bed and wanted me to suck on
his cock while he relaxed so I nestled between his
thighs and began to suck, closing my eyes and losing
myself in the sensations. Licking his balls and thighs
and stomach and caressing his cock with my tongue and
then sucking and enjoying some more. I passed the time
waiting for the washer to finish doing my best to please

The time passed and I reluctantly pulled away and stood
up to go check the wash, smiling I took the key and
floated back to the second floor to move the wash into a
dryer. It had just finished when I arrived and I cleaned
out the dryer screen and check for debris before moving
the wet clothes into it.

I put my remaining borrowed quarters into the slot and
started the clothes tossing round. Another 30 minutes, I
checked the time and headed back up stairs. Daddy was
lying on his side and I curled up behind him.

“Kiss me all over my body pet, show me your love.” I
began to kiss his shoulders his back and his arms and he
rolled over onto his back so I could kiss his chest,
neck, face and ears. I could feel an almost electric
connection with each brush of his skin on my lips. I
began to caress him with my foot and leg, slowly lightly
touching his skin with mine as I kissed and licked with
my mouth. I began to massage with my hands on his
shoulders and back, caressing his ass as he rolled over
and moaned enjoying my attentions.

“Oh yes baby you can play with my ass too.”

I began to lick and kiss just above the split of his
cheeks then slowly spread his cheeks kissing each one
and then licking my way down to the tender silky skin
between the ass and balls. I flattened my tongue and
caresses from his balls to the base of his spine up
through the crack, pausing to circle and probe his tight
little hole feeling his response as he moaned and arched
into me, telling me to shove my dirty tongue up inside
him while I luxuriated in his touch his tasty his

I pressed myself close delving my tongue as deep as I
could pressing my nose close until I couldn’t breathe
then pulling back for a moment to catch my breath and
continuing. I could feel my pulse quicken and my body
shivered with his moans and arching response.

I wanted to send him over with my attention for him to
lose himself in the bliss of my attention and I
continued my hands shivering with want my legs caressing
his as my face and tongue sought his pleasure. My
breathing became labored as my own excitement increased.
Finally I kissed his cheeks and then thighs and stood on
shaking legs to go again to check the laundry.