I made my way in bare feet to the second floor again and
checked the dryer to see if it was dry yet. Some were
but not all so I pulled the dry clothing and began to
fold it setting it on the counter top. I grabbed some
more dry clothes and folded them, taking my time to let
the last of it dry, wanting to go back up and stay this
time with him pleasing him. The last of the clothing
folded I made my way back up stairs to him.

I smiled when I entered and put the clean folded laundry
on the table. He was sitting in the chair at the desk
now and I removed my dress and stood before him tempted
to kneel and suck his cock but wanting to feel him
against me I stood close to him my naked breasts at his
eye level and he leaned forward and began to suck and
bite my left nipple making me gasp and watching him
enjoying him.

My body began to weaken and my cunt became wet as his
teeth ground my nipple then letting it loose he began to
bite hard on the soft white flesh of my breast, I gasped
and called out enjoying the pain then gently caressing
his hair I reminded him I had a mammogram Monday and had
to be careful about marks. My heart sunk as he eased his
bite and everything inside me wanted him to bite again
and harder…

I sighed, disappointed for a moment as he took my right
nipple firmly in between his teeth gnashing down making
be rise up on my toes gasping my legs instinctively
spreading wide my hips arching toward him, “Yes, god
yes!” I panted, breathing through the pain.

He pulled away and like a hungry animal began to bite
hard into the flesh on my stomach leaving distinct red
circles in a laddered pattern down my abdomen as I
shivered and panted enjoying the delicious attention and