Dominion begins laying the groundwork for his empire.

A Foundation of BonesAll of Lee’s men currently in Augusta stood in the entry hall of the mansion, scared out of their wits. Even the cops on his payroll had been brought in. All the estate guards had already had their wills broken, either through the injuries Dominion had inflicted on them, or the horrific nightmares he had trapped them in. For hours, they experienced tortures beyond de***********ion. Dominion had ripped out their souls and tossed them into a Hell of his own creation. Breaking bones, ripping flesh, pierced organs, burning tissue, they felt it all, despite their bodies showing none of the damage. Those with physical wounds were not exempt from the assembly. They simply had to be bandaged up by the mob doctor.

Standing at the base of the stairs and facing them was Lee. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone, just stared at the floor in a daze. He looked like a corpse hanging on strings. Like them, his will had been broken, incinerated by Dominion’s bloodlust. He now understood what Eric had been talking about, about the men in the bar and why they killed themselves. There was no death worse than being killed by him. To die was escape the pain of living, but to be killed by him was to be devoured and spend eternity imprisoned. The only reason why he hadn’t killed himself already was because of his daughters, now held hostage. If he committed suicide to escape Dominion, then Cho and Hijiri would meet the fate he was so afraid of, but his compliance didn’t mean that their horrors would end. Dominion had made it clear that he would continue to rape and torture them, and there was nothing Lee could do to stop it.

For now, only those ignorant of the situation dared speak, fruitlessly asking what was going on, but receiving no answers. Then, all fell silent, as pure evil and killing intent flooded the mansion like poison gas. It was a miasma, detected not by the physical senses, but by the soul. It drained the men of their strength, of their courage, of their ability even to think. Sitting on the floor in the corner, Eric gripped his skull, digging his nails into his scalp as he suffered a terror-induced mental breakdown. Everyone could hear them, footsteps echoing in the upper corridors. He appeared at the top of the staircase. Behind him were a row of large windows, with the light of the setting sun shining on his back, leaving him in silhouette with his shadow being cast down the stairs.

Dominion, the men stared at him in terror. Even if they were somehow blind to his bloodlust, the evil in his eyes was undeniable, it was palpable. They all knew it, he wasn’t a normal person. He wasn’t even human.

“Gentlemen, welcome. I had Misato gather you all here so that I could fill you in as to the changes that are being made. My name is Dominion, and as of now, I am in control of this operation, and your lives. I’m on my way to implementing a new world order, but first I need to build the foundations. You can either lay the bricks or be the bricks. Resistance will not be tolerated, there can be no action aside from total obedience. Your friends, your family, your community, you will hand them over by my slightest whim.