Kyle finally released Jake’s limp penis and looked at the mess they had made on each other. Jake was leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed. There was cum all over them. Kyle’s hand was covered, not to mention his arm, chest, and thigh. Jake had some on his chin still.
“I think we need to clean up,” Kyle said as he scooted forward to the edge of the bed.
Jake opened his eyes and looked down at himself, “Yeah. I think your right,” he said. “You can use the shower if you need to.”
Kyle got up and walked down the hall. He got to the bathroom and quickly stepped out of his socks and into the shower. When the water warmed up he stood under it and replayed what had just happened in his mind. As he washed the semen off he thought of how Jake’s hand felt pumping on his dick and how Jake’s cock pulsed in his hand as he came. He was a little surprised when his cock started to harden again. He had already had four orgasms in the last twenty four hours and his cock seemed ready to go again.
“How you doing in there?” Jake asked as he entered the bathroom.
“Good,” replied Kyle.
Jake pulled back the shower curtain a little bit and looked in on him. “Mind some company?”
“Sure. Come on in,” he said as he made room for Jake.
Jake stepped into the shower. Kyle quickly rinsed off any semen he still had on him and offered Jake his position under the water. As they awkwardly switched places Kyle’s half hard cock rubbed against Jake.
“Someone is still excited,” he said as he stepped under the water and turned his face up into the stream to wash the cum from his chin.
“Yeah. That was pretty fucking hot,” Kyle told him. “I’m cleaned up so I’ll let you have the shower,” he told Jake as he stepped out.
“Okay,” Jake replied.
Kyle stood there dripping on the bath mat and looked around for a towel. Both towel racks were empty. “Hey man you got any towels,” he asked Jake.
“Aww shit. I wasn’t paying attention when I came in. Mom was doing laundry earlier she must have gathered them all up. Give he a sec and I’ll grab you one.”
Kyle stood there and dripped for a bit before Jake got out of the shower.
“Be right back,” he said as he squeezed past Kyle and trotted naked and dripping into the hallway. He came back with two towels and threw one to Kyle and quickly started to dry off. Kyle began to dry his chest and arms. As Kyle was drying his hair he felt Jake’s towel on his back.
“Let me help you with that,” Jake said and began rubbing his back dry. Kyle finished with his hair as Jake ran the towel down his back and began to dry his butt. He then moved down each of Jake’s legs making sure they were dry. Kyle was really enjoying the feel of it. He placed his hands on the counter by the sink and just leaned there focusing on the towel and Jake’s hands as the worked over his body. His cock was fully erect again. When Jake was finished Kyle turned around. Jake was squatting in front of him about to stand back up, but when Kyle turned and his cock was sticking out straight in Jake’s face he stopped.
“You know how you said we should do that more often?” Kyle said as he looked down at him.
“I do remember that,” Jake said. He ran his hands up the back Kyle’s legs until he had his ass cheeks in his hands and then pulled him forward. Jake took Kyle’s erection in his mouth and started to work his head back and forth as he sucked his friend’s cock. Kyle put his hand on the back of Jake’s head and started to match his rhythm, pushing his cock forward as Jake slid his mouth down his shaft, and pulling back a little as Jake pulled his mouth back. Jake would pull back until just the head of Kyle’s dick was still inside his mouth then slide back down till his lips were around the base.
The feel of suction from Jake’s mouth and Jake’s tongue sliding along the underside of his dick was driving Kyle wild. He had never had his dick sucked before.
“Fuck that feels good,” he moaned and thrust a little harder into Jake’s mouth.
Jake started to work on his dick a little quicker. He would suck Kyle’s cock for awhile and then take it out and stroke it while he licked at the head or sucked on his ball. After a few minutes Kyle felt his orgasm starting to build so he pulled his cock from Jake’s mouth and said, “Hold up.” Jake asked if something was wrong but Kyle told him, “I just don’t want to cum yet.”
Jake watched precum dripped from the tip of Kyle’s dick as Kyle asked, “Why don’t we switch and you let me do you?”
Jake leaned forward and licked the precum from Kyle’s dick and stood up.
“Sounds good to me,” he said as he took Kyle’s place and Kyle dropped to his knees.
Jake leaned back against the counter and Kyle took his dick in hand. Kyle wondered if he would be any good at this but wanted that cock in his mouth so badly he didn’t worry too much. He would just do what Jake had done and hope for the best. He took Jake in his mouth. Felt the warmth of Jake’s cock on his tongue and began to suck. When he felt Jake’s hand on the back of his head he remembered to start working his mouth back and forth. He fell into a nice slow but stead rhythm as Jake fucked his mouth. That hard cock sliding in and out of his mouth was really making his dick twitch so he grab it and gently stroked as he sucked Jake.
“Damn, you’re good at that,” Jake said pushing into his mouth a little harder, “Keep that up and you’re going to get a mouthful jizz.”
Kyle wondered what that would taste like and if he could handle it, but he wasn’t going to stop now. He worked his head back and forth and enjoyed the feel of Jake’s cock sliding into him.
Jake let Kyle work on him for a few minutes until he felt like he was getting close to cumming. He drew his cock out of Kyle’s mouth. “I don’t want to cum just yet either,” he said as offered his hand to Kyle to help him up. When Kyle was on his feet Jake dropped down again and said, “Just give me a sec.” He took Kyle into his mouth again but this time it felt different. Jake lubed Kyle’s dick up as much as he could and then pulled it from his lips and spit on it before standing and taking Kyle’s cock in hand and rubbing his saliva all over the head and shaft.
He turned back to the counter and leaned onto it as he pushed his ass out toward Kyle.
“I want you to fuck me,” he said looking at Kyle in the mirror above the sink.
Kyle was very surprised at this but tried not to look it. He hadn’t ever fucked anyone before and couldn’t believe Jake wanted him to do it, but he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by. Jake reach back with one of his hands and spread an ass cheek to give Kyle a better view of his asshole. Kyle didn’t hesitate and guided his swollen dickhead to Jake’s tight asshole and pressed into it. His dick strained against Jake. Kyle thought he wasn’t going to be able to get in it was so tight. Kyle pressed forward one more time with a little more force and his dick finally sank into Jake’s ass. Jake moaned and pushed back into him. Kyle grabbed Jake’s hips as Jake began stroking his own dick.
Kyle felt amazing buried in Jake. He loved the feel of Jake’s ass griping his cock. He slowly eased back pulling his shaft out of Jake and leaving his head still inside him and then pushed forward again till he was fully buried in the tight ass. He repeated this slow back and forth for a while as he concentrated on how great it felt. He slowly increased his pace. His thrust got a little more forceful as he got excited. It wasn’t long before he was pounding into Jake’s ass.
Jake was loving it. Each time Kyle’s cock sank into him he pushed back wanting him deeper. The feel of Kyle’s balls slapping him as he drove into his ass was turning him on so much he didn’t know how much more he could take before he came. His hand pumped away at his dick.
“Fuck that ass,” Jake groaned.
“You’re so fucking tight,” Kyle grunted as he grabbed Jake’s shoulders and started drilling into him harder.
Jake pushed back into Kyle as he moaned out, “I’m gonna cum.”
Jake’s dick released a jet of semen that shot across the sink and splatted on the mirror. This was quickly followed by another. Kyle watched the cum hitting the mirror and saw Jake’s reflection moaning as his cock pumped out more. Kyle’s balls tighten.
“Oh fuck,” Kyle groaned.
Jake knew he was about to cum so he pushed back hard into Kyle and said, “Cum in me.”
Those words were like pulling a trigger. Kyle’s dick began shooting in Jake’s ass.
“Fuck yeah,” Jake said as the last of his semen pumped into the sink.
Kyle’s legs were shaking as he emptied himself into Jake’s hungry ass. He saw cum start to leak out around his cock from Jake’s asshole. When Kyle’s cock stopped pumping he slowly pulled it out. Cum ran from Jake’s ass down his balls.
“Jesus,” Kyle said as he leaned back against the wall. His cock was still throbbing and flexing but had been drained of semen.
Jake turned from the sink with his cock still in hand and tugging. He stepped forward and took Kyle’s cock in his other hand as he leaned in and kissed him. Kyle accepted Jake’s tongue as if forced it’s way in. Instinctively his hand grabbed the back of Jake’s head. As they kissed Jake stroked Kyle until they finally pulled back from each other. Jake sank back against the sink as Kyle continued to lean against the wall. The looked at each other with smiles.
“I think this is definitely going to become a habit,” Jake told him.
“Definitely,” was Kyle’s answer.