Tsukiya was so nervous. Working as a butler at a mansion of this size? It was almost like a dream, or maybe a nightmare in his case. Tsukiya never had a job that had so many responsibilities or chances to screw up as this one did. He had several lower paying jobs in the past, but somehow he had gained the opportunity to work as an extra hand at the Ijiun household. The main butler, Yuuto, had gotten together with the sisters of the house, Serena and Marie. Their relationship had since blossomed and Yuuto was no longer a mere butler to the family, he had become their husband. As a result, the mansion was in need of new help and Tsukiya’s previous employments had given him the rare opportunity to receive the offer to work for this rich family as their butler.

Tsukiya scanned the building. There were hundreds of windows which meant that there must’ve been several rooms deep inside this massive house. The size of the building intimidated him by sheer size alone. It must’ve occupied hundreds of square feet.

“Sheesh, am I going to have to clean all those?” Tsukiya said under his breath as he stared at the hundreds of windows.

Tsukiya had begun to make his way towards the front of the building. The closer he got, the more the building’s size intimidated him. It was as if the building was growing around him with each step forward he took. By the time he had reached the front door, his heart was racing. Tsukiya stopped just before the door, sweat rolling down his forehead.

“Ah geez, who am I k**ding?” he said as he turned away from the door. “If I last even an hour I’ll be lucky. No way I’m cut out for any of this. I bet Takuma would love working here. Yeah, he’s always been the more cleanly type! I should give him a call and see if he’d like to give this place a shot.”

As he was not-so-subtlety panicking to himself, the front door behind him had opened.

“Hello, you must be Tsukiya. You are the person who has expressed interest in working here, correct?” The voice was feminine and whoever she was, she was standing right behind him.

“No going back now I suppose.” Tsukiya thought to himself defeated. “Yes, I just got here a moment ago.” he said to the mysterious voice.

Tsukiya turned around to properly greet the woman and almost instantly his heart had stopped yet again when he saw her.

Dreaming of Ms. Hanyuu - Part 1
The woman who had greeted him had long green hair done up in a large ponytail, along with a maid headdress atop her head. She had lilac colored eyes that hid behind a pair of red-framed glasses both of which had also hid behind a few strands of hair that hung across her face in a captivating way. She has a look of elegance to her as she looked at him with a welcoming smile. Her uniform had a blue color scheme to it, both on the main fabric and on her apron and trim. She had a very respectable look to her, however there was one attribute that betrayed her dignified look.