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Maybe that was what’s behind her always being sweet and when forced to choose, she chose getting naked for me. I decided to put this to the test for the next time by exploring how far she would go.
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She believed it was just me watching, but all was secretly recorded. Jana bounced on a dildo like a whore for her European guy, not knowing she’d actually do this for the whole world to see!
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Hopefully her asshole tasted good to her, as she didn’t gain anything by fingering her asshole and licking her finger LOL.
Right after recording all this I had no concrete plans to upload her stuff but then she decided to block me and there was no way for me to contact her. I thought it would’ve been a shame if no-one else ever got to see her losing all her dignity for a chance to marry a stranger, haha. So here she is ladies and gentlemen, barely legal, only just turned 18 Jana Nalagon from the Philippines! Enjoy!
One thing we will probably never get to no is: why the fuck her nickname is bricks???Dumb and Naive Filipina Teen Had No Clue That AllDumb and Naive Filipina Teen Had No Clue That All 2