Egg Chapter 5

Jacob sat on the edge of his parent’s bed trying to understand everything in his world. The pod was gone now, dissipated into dust just like Billy and the tentacles that once spread across the room. In fact, now the room looked no different than before she had shown up. And he did mean she now.

Her sex was undeniable now. A difference cemented by the full female form with body. Her curves screamed “milf” and he had trouble understanding why she chose such a voluptuous form. Not that he found her unattractive, but it seemed to be unmatched to women his age.

Right now, she was using the shower in his parents room. Only god knew the last time the bathroom had been used. All he knew, is that after she had asked to take one, she had freaked out over the soaps he had gotten and the clothes. The clothes sat on the bed near him, still tagged and new. He had thought to wash them, but refrained from such things. The last items he bought for her from his earlier trip to the store were some hair care products, lotions and food. The last item was downstairs.


He heard his voice being called out. A melody that dripped with honeyed promises. It made his head swim as he relaxed with his name being spoken in such a way.


“Yeah,” he replied to her.

“I’m hungry.”

“No problem,” he said before getting up off the bed and leaving the bedroom.

Jacob was glad to have something to do. Sitting around and waiting in anticipation of whatever would come had been plaguing him. Plus, he had been constantly checking his phone for some sort of sign from Grace that she was okay. After leaving her earlier passed out in the building on the fields at his school, he worried the sex had done something bad to her.

Then there were the cops. The lights from the emergency vehicles outside still flashed through the windows. It reminded him now of the female cop who had stopped him twice that day trying to enter his home. The last stop had been when he had returned with a shopping cart full of the stuff for his visitor. He stopped in the hall to sigh.

“So much going on,” he spoke to himself, before heading down the stairs and to the kitchen. He turned on some lights and began pulling food out to cook. Being that Jacob cooked often for himself and his father, the task itself took little to accomplish. By the time he finished and turned to set the table, she was standing there and leaning against the door frame of the kitchen.

“Gah,” Jacob exclaimed almost dropping the food to the floor.

“That smells good,” she said before moving over to him. He noticed then that she had a more petite form now.