Nicky was thrilled that Karl had asked her to go with
him tonight to the club and shoot some pool. Karl went
to the club almost every Friday night without Nicky so
this was a special occasion. Nicky arranged the
babysitter for the kids and spent the afternoon
deciding what she should wear.

Nicky knew at 36 and after three kids she did not have
the body she had when she and Karl met. But Nicky worked
hard to keep her 5 foot 6 inch frame in good shape,
running at least three days a week. Now Karl would be
home in about an hour and Nicky stood naked in front of
the bathroom after a vigorous shower. Her long, brown
hair still wet, Nicky pouted at her 36B breast as she
always felt they were too small.

“At least they don’t sag,” Nicky sighed and turned to
check out her still firm ass. The running paid off in
that department. Nicky took the scissors and proceeded to
clip her pubic hair as close as possible. She next took
some of Karl’s shaving cream and smeared it into the
pubic hair left and began to shave away all but a thin
strip about one-half inch wide and two inches long just
above her cunt lips. Nicky thought for a minute, shrugged
her shoulders and shaved her cunt lips completely bare.
She remembered doing this before and driving Karl
crazy and since tonight was special, Nicky decided to
treat Karl again.

After Nicky shaved and dried her hair, she slipped on the
black thongs she bought especially for this night. They
had a small batch of silky material shaped in a “V” in
front, two strings that attached at a one inch strip
that nestle between Nicky’s firm ass cheeks. Next was a
matching black bra, padded to push her small breasts
out just a little.

Finally Nicky pulled on the skirt and looked in the
mirror again. The skirt was shorter that Nicky usually
wore, about four inches above her knees and with
buttons up the front to show more leg if she wanted. It
was sized just right for Nicky and she turned to see if
the thongs had done their job and smiled at the absence
of panty lines.

Next Nicky pulled on the sheer, black top and after
buttoning it, made sure the opaque pockets covered her
breast. Even though Nicky wore a bra, her modesty would
not allow her to go completely see-through. Nicky was
thankful for her long shapely legs that were tanned and
required no stockings. She slipped her feet into the
black heels and fastened the ankle straps. Nicky then
walked into the hallway and looked in the full-length

“Not bad,” Nicky thought as she turned to the left and
right checking herself out. She even bent over faking a
billiard shot and looked back to make sure nothing was
revealed. Although her skirt pulled up and she could
feel the cool air on her ass, the bottom of the skirt
remained at least a couple inches before revealing
anything. Nicky was distracted by Karl’s arrival home
and hurried downstairs.