Curious in Femdom and role playing. Enjoy having my balls tied up with rubberbands around them. I recently bought myself an elastrator to get the genuine feeling of how a castration feels. It is a genuine castration tool (very commonly used on lambs for example).

I started to have fantasies about different scenarious of how it could be used and want to meet someone who are willing to use it on me live, in reality.

We meet at a public place in Stockholm for a coffee or drink. While we take our seats at the bar and order something to drink, I hand you over the elastrator prepared with the rubberband on it. You put it on the table so everbody around us can see it while pretending to look for something in your bag.

After some digging you take the elastrator from the table and put it in your purse with all your other stuff. You close your bag and smile at me while saying “-shall we go and fix it!”. “Yes” I reply.

We stand up and walk together to the restroom. You lock the door and I pull down my pants. You take the elastrator from your bag and put that strong little rubberband around my balls.

Then we just go back to the bar and finish our drinks. You open your bag and put the elastrator pliers on the table..”Oh..I almost forgot to give you this back” you say and smile. Five minutes later we are walking our separate ways with no strings attached 🙂

This is a genuine elastrator pliers, used to expand those tiny little superstrong rubberbands. It is placed around both testicles, using the special pliers. Simply expand the rubberband with the pliers and pull both testicles through it. Then slowly close the band around them, and snap it off from the pliers.

Make a final check that the band is properly fit. It should be very tight and properly fixated around both testicles, that´s it!

It was really super tight and strong once fitted around my balls!! And Nicole wasn´t gentle at all with me.

She closed the pliers around my balls very fast and my balls immediately got very tight in my scrotum. And in a split second she just pulled the pliers down and snapped off the rubberband around both of my testicles.

My cock was hard like steel while having my balls banded! And the orgasm was very intense!

And there was no cum at all when my body was shaking at the intense orgasm. My cock was bigger and harder than ever! Desperatly trying to let the balls drain themselves from sperm. But the orgasm that followed was completely dry. Not any single drop of semen dripping out.

It was really super tight and super strong when finally snapped off from those pliers! My scrotum was stretched to its very limit, squeezing my both testicles hard to eachother.

I suddenly became very horny and started to jerk my cock very fast. My cock grew bigger and harder than ever before and my scrotum got even more tight!