‘I’m busy tonight, dear,’ I said to Len. He was so disappointed. I hung up and grinned. I went to the wardrobe and took out my pristine blue Lycra leotard and laid it on the bed with two fresh packs of pantyhose, black and silver shimmer gloss. I went to the mirror and carefully applied heavy lip gloss and mascara. I smirked at myself in my black boots, glossy black tights, short black kilt and tight royal blue sweater. Unbeknownst to Len I’d been flirting online with a recently retired security guard and former wrestler called Cliff. He was a big docile thing who was into cross dressing and tights. We met up a few times in a supermarket car park late at night and wore various wigs as we kissed sensually for an hour or two. He often arrived in a tight black Bodycon dress and shiny suntan pantyhose, which enhanced his thick milk chocolate legs. Sometimes we’d stand outside the car, my hands smoothing his ass through tight form fitting dress as we slowly, sensually kissed.
Electric Blue
I smiled when I let Cliff in and told him to go into the bedroom where a fresh pair of shimmery ivory tights and an electric blue bobbed wig would be waiting for him. As I lit a few candles and put on a CD of romantic music Cliff was hoisting the shiny tights over his thick hips and wriggling his fat arse into them. Once he got them on he wiggled to the music. He stepped into the heels he brought with him and smoothed his hands over his hips and arse which looked so curvy and shapely. The light bounced off his fat arse as he pranced towards the dresser and placed the wig on his head. He smiled proudly as he examined himself in the mirror, revealing his wide beaming white teeth. He applied heavy dark red lipstick and some eye shadow. I stood next to him and smiled at his reflection. I patted his bum. I turned him around, cupped his curvy arse, smoothed my hands over his encased sheen and we kissed hard. Likewise he was cupping and kneading my arse through my black tights and red knickers under my black kilt.
‘I stood up a married man to be with you this evening,’ I smirked as I pulled another ivory pair of pantyhose with the crotch cut out, over his chest and arms. ‘And it will be worth every second!’ I stepped out of my short black kilt and kicked it across the room, pausing for a moment as I looked at him with sultry eyes before we were kissing again.
‘I have to get out of these tights and panties. I’ve worn them for like three days!’ I sighed. I sat on the corner of the bed and placed my booted feet on his shoulders and asked him to take them off. ‘Slowly,’ I said. ‘Peel them. Peel.’
Cliff didn’t take his eyes off mine as he tugged my boots off and ever so gently peeled off my tights. I asked him to leave my panties on. I gave him a pack of black tights and asked him to put them on me. I pointed my foot as he rolled them over and smoothed them on, before starting with the next leg. I stood up and wriggled and wiggled my ass into the shimmery nylon. I took the leotard and stepped into it and twanged it over my arms. I put my hands on my hips and beamed. I took out the high shimmer silver tights and layered it over the leotard and black tights. The effect was incandescent! Cliff couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I pulled my boots on and stood there waiting with my hands on hips. I didn’t have my wig on yet.
‘Oh my!’ Cliff gasped.
‘Oh my indeed! Kiss me, my hunky sissy,’ I ordered.
We threw out arms around each other and kissed very passionately. It felt more sensitive not just because of the skin tight shiny layers but the fact I’d stood up my lover to be with this hunk. I paused and smiled secretly. ‘I haven’t forgotten what I told you I wanted to do,’ I said softly.
I grabbed a pile of my smelly tights from the washing basket.
‘What are you gonna do with them?’ he asked innocently.
I told Cliff to turn around so his ass was facing me. I grinned as I pushed the tights and dirty panties into the back of his shiny tights, forming little encased, shimmery little bulges and a big one. I was shaking in anticipation. I bit my glossy bottom lip.
Electric Blue 2
‘Are you ready?’ I said.
‘Sure am,’ he smiled bashfully.
I carefully lay on the floor and waited in anticipation as he stood over me. With his back facing me he slowly squatted right over my face, his encased arse, mere centimetres from my nose and mouth. My hand was stroking my pantyhose crotch while the other reached out to pat, and smoothed over Cliff’s fat shiny bulges, with fascination and delicate concentration. He lowered his arse more so I could place soft, delicate kisses on his bulging arse, and lick. I took a few little sniffs. Then some more. Then my hands gripped his fat ass and stroked the skin tight fabric as I sniffed deeply, smelling my own dirty panties and tights through his tight pantyhose. The intense smell had me occasionally rubbing my crotch frantically while I was kissing his bulging arse with full, long, passionate kisses.
‘Oh my! I love this, my darling!’ my muffled squeal called against his ass.
It turned me on to see Cliff, peeking over his shoulder. His smile looked dignified and proud, and deliciously complimented my wide eyed look of rapture as I kissed, sucked and licked his fat arse through the glossy material; the tip of my tongue tracing every tight scrunched up silky item compressed in his ivory pantyhose. My hands were smoothing his arse, while I enthusiastically buried my face against his fuckable bum and nuzzled and munched his ass. If I had any regrets it was that none of my friends and ex’s were here to witness this and be happy at my happiness.
I asked Cliff to lie on his back while I straddled him.
‘Now it’s your turn you sexy fat cunt!’ I shouted.
I placed my encased arsehole right on his encased massive cock and tight fat balls. I looked deeply in his eyes as I ground myself against him. I bounced up and down, up and down, riding him, riding him, as I breathed deeply and giggled. I then reached over for a creamy white, shimmering stocking and pulled it over his fat face, over his wig and tugged at the bottom as I rode him, so it really distorted his face tightly. The more I pulled against the stocking, the harder I rode. Sometimes I’d close my eyes in complete passion and pleasure.
‘Fucking hell, Cliff, your cock is sooo hard!’
Then I shouted ‘Tights, tights, tights, tights, tights!’ all in rhythm to my riding.
‘You know something Cliff, this is exactly what I wanted to do to you the first time I met you,’ I panted, in the sassiest voice I could. ‘Tell me, dearest,’ I said, kneeling forward so my mouth was almost touching his nylon covered face,’ where do you want Polly to go next? Remember to say it nice and loud! I sooo want the neighbours to hear what I get up to.’
‘Face, you sit on my face! Sit on my FACE!’
‘Your wish is my command, you great sexy fucker!’
I turned around and pressed my skin tight arse on his stocking face. The seat of my leotard looked so completely tight under my glossy tights that my arse just looked smooth, curvy and perfect. I could feel Cliff’s encased mouth trying to lick me, his encased nose sniffing me. I wiggled my arse from side to side, singing my sissy song, ‘I love tights, I love sexy tights…on me! Naughty, sexy nights, in shiny, sexy tights!’
I bobbed up and down, grinding my arse onto his nylon mouth and nose. It’s what he deserved for being so bashfully fuckable. I also leant over and sucked his big, big meaty prick through the shimmering material. Fuck his cock was so BIG! We would have both cum right there and then if I hadn’t have suggested that we take things further.
I put on some elbow length, white Lycra gloves and fished out a couple of my rolled up tights from the back of Cliff’s tights and balanced them between my lips, before pulling a tight shiny tan stocking over my face. Then I fished out a pair of smelly panties and fed it under Cliff’s stocking. Now our encased faces were bulging with stinky panties and tights. I lay on top of him and we both gobbled and kissed each other’s encased faces, pressing and chewing. Finally I squatted beneath him as he stood up. I begged him to cum all over my stocking face, which he did violently and dutifully as he told me how much he loved me and as I squealed ‘Ooh, ooh I’m so happy, I’m soo happy, oooh!’
I strapped a dildo over my tights and leotard and put a tight hole in the back of his tights and fucked him in front of the mirror. ‘I love your fat fucking ass!’ I could see the ecstasy strain and contort his face under the shiny nylon the faster I pumped. Just before I came inside my leotard, I tore off my stocking mask so my darling could look at my loving eyes.