Emma was meeting her new friend Camren in a few minutes at a local bar. They had met at a fashion show, and got along fabulously from the start. Cam was younger than Emma, and a lot less experienced with men. They talked about men a lot, as most women do when they’re alone and at a bar. They had graded various body parts of the men who walked by. They were somewhat hidden in a dark corner.

“Wow, Emma! Look at that guy’s ass! I’ve never seen better!” Cam said.

“Very nice! That would be a firm handhold if he was pounding your goods! Just a nice reach around to hold him close and direct his thrusts!” Emma replied.

“Jeez! I wish I had your experience! Then I would know how to please my sex partner. Have you ever…you know…sucked a man’s cock?” Cam asked while blushing.

“Of course! I try my best to please my partner! That’s how you have really great sex: when each person does their best to make the other one cum!” Emma answered.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” Cam asked.

“Come with me Cam!” Emma said rather abruptly.

Cam didn’t know why they were leaving the bar without picking up some guys, but she trusted Emma knew what she was doing.

“Let’s go to my place!” Emma said.

“Ok! Then what?” Cam asked.

“Are you a virgin?” Emma asked Cam.

“Not exactly.” Cam said.

“Trust me! That question has only two possible answers: yes or no. So, are you a virgin?” Emma asked.

“No! I had a boyfriend who took my cherry, but he came almost instantly! I never had a chance to even get horny!” Cam answered.

“After tonight you will definitely NOT be a virgin! You will have plenty of time to get turned on and you will have an orgasm too!” Emma promised.

“That’s another thing. I don’t know if I’ve had a real orgasm!” Cam admitted.

“If you don’t know if you’ve had an orgasm, then you haven’t had one! An orgasm is like nothing you’ve ever had before! It’s like your entire body and mind are exploding! Let me bring you to an orgasm!” Emma said.

“Ok! What do I have to do?” Cam asked.

During this conversation they arrived at Emma’ apartment building. They went up to her flat which was spacious and welcoming.

“Cam! Remove my blouse! You will see why I seldom wear a bra!” Emma said.

Cam moved in close to Emma and began undoing the few buttons that ran down the front of Emma’s blouse. To her surprise she noticed that Emma wasn’t wearing a bra, but her tits stood up straight and proud!

“Fuck Emma! I wish I had your tits! They’re perfect!” Cam said.

With that, Emma’s blouse fell to the floor. Her breasts were indeed perfect.

“Suck my titties Cam! Do it now!” Emma commended.

“I…I’ve never done that before!” Cam admitted.

“Remember what I said earlier! You must do your best to try to make your sex partner cum! We are going to have sex with each other tonight, after which you will be left exhausted and very happy! Go ahead and suck on my breasts!” Emma said.