I was a widower for 2 yrs until I decided to move on I joined a nudist resort and things started looking up

I am a 45 yr old widower just getting over my wife’s untimely death,it had taken me several years to be comfortable with dating again. Things were going to be different this time as I wasn’t going to settle with the first woman that came along. I am in good health,I have been told very handsome by many of my wife’s friends that comforted me the last few years. I am 6′ tall salt and pepper hair ,blue eyes 200 lbs and have a great personality. My wife and I were high school sweet hearts and were married right out of school.I had never been intimate with any one but my wife,and our sex life was good.Even though several of her girl friends urged me to bed them after her death I wasn’t ready.

Lynne was also a widow and took good care of me, often telling to me she would love me for ever.She was very attractive an would stop by my home regularly cooking cleaning for me .We spent many nights in bed just talking and consoling each other,We were helping each other move on from the tragedies that we encountered. She was a beautiful woman ,very caring and creative she could have any man she wanted but wanted me. She tried many times to get me to have sex with her and was patient when I would tell her I wasn’t ready.

I finally decided that I should try meeting other women knowing that when I was ready to settle down Lynne would be there. I was searching through some classified ads one night when I found an ad that seemed interesting.

The ad read 50 ish couple looking for other couples,males and females to join their club .People that were interested in enjoying nature at a clothing optional camp ground.

It gave an email to write to if interested in finding out more,after some thought I wrote to them. Several days later I received mail from them and they gave me an address and time when they could meet with me. Ironically their home was only 15 miles from me ,I knew right where they lived yet never expected it was a nudist camp.

The day finally came to meet with them although I was nervous I was also quite excited,it has been so long since I have had sex.I found the address and drove up the gravel road until I came to a gate.There was a sign members only,others push button ,when I did a woman,s voice came over a speaker. I told her my name and asked for Jim or Joan and the gate opened proceed to the office she said .

I found both Jim and Joan waiting for me, standing nude together on their deck.Before I continue let me describe them to you.They both looked to be in their late fifties,Jim was heavy set grey hair and a grey beard with a lot of hair on his chest and pelvic area,Joan was also heavy set her small breasts sagged ,but her pelvic area was shaved smooth.My first thought was to turn around and go home and jump into bed with Lynne. Out of courtesy I knew I needed to talk to them so I parked my car and got out.