It’s funny how sometimes a picture will remind you of certain things or events. This beautiful naked girl reminds me of a young 17-year-old girl whom I met eight years ago while I was living in Spain and going to language school. The majority of the students were from European countries and they were girls, beautiful girls. This one, in particular, named Katja, was from Switzerland and she was there as an exchange student in her last year of high school. Extreme Public Affection

The girls were fascinated by American men, especially older men, so they were easy prey to invite out for a drink and then have some sex afterward. It was pretty ordinary to see girls of this age walking down the walks between seaside cafes with older men. And it was also common to see affection displayed quite openly in public between these older men and sparsely dressed, and even partially naked, young beings.

I found the young girls to be very accommodating to any of my requests or urging. At the time I was 58 and Katja was 17. One evening, we were walking along the concrete walks between cafes and we stopped under a light, like a street light, but a lot lower. There were patrons of a couple of cafes sitting within ten feet of us. I had, basically, herded Katja into the light pole. Her back was against the pole, trapping her somewhat.

I started telling Katja how beautiful she looked and that I desperately wanted to kiss her. She indicated that it would be OK if I did. So I did. One kiss followed by another and another. While kissing her I started to unbutton her blouse. She put her hand on mine, as a gesture for me to stop, but I just kept on undoing the buttons. It seemed there was a cultural thing, of sorts, that kept these girls from denying anything that an older American man would ask of them. As I continued to nibble on her lips and her neck, I unhooked her front clasp bra, exposing her breasts to the nearby diners who we surprisingly vocal as the expressed their approval.

Then I reached down and took hold of the hem of her short skirt and pulled it up, exposing her one thigh all the way up to her thong strap. This was something I had witnessed another older gentleman do to a young girl just the night before. When his young date pulled his hard cock out and started masturbating it in the presence of the diners, I had retreated back into the shadows, closer to the crashing waves. There I had pulled my own cock out and masturbated while I watched the young girl give this guy a handjob until he came, squirting his cum all over the walkway. The diners applauded when he came, and I came when I heard the applause!

Extreme Public Affection 2Once I had Katja’s smooth, pale titties in my hand, I whispered in her ear that she was so sexy that I needed to have an orgasm and that I wanted her to masturbate my cock. She was a bit embarrassed that her tits were bare, and she was hesitant about doing what I had asked. So while I continued to try and convince her, I reached down, unzipped my slacks and reached in and pulled out my cock. I was already super hard, which brought some positive comments from the diners. I started to stroke my cock, at the further delight of the nearby diners, rubbing the tip against her bare thigh in the process. Almost immediately I started to leak precum, which was getting spread around on her thigh. Then a couple, at the nearest table, started encouraging her to take my cock in her hand.