[ Warning! If the topic of interracial sex offends you…DON’T READ ANY FURTHER. Thanks. ]

I was on my way to meet two white married couples who had chosen to have interracial offspring, instead of their husbands fathering them. I’d been trying to arrange such a meeting for about three months. However, at first, these two couples were unsure if I was trustworthy, and I understood that perfectly well, and so I tried my very best to gain their trust; and eventually, I did. Then, at the last moment, I was informed that not only were these two couples going to meet with me to answer my questions about their lifestyle choices, but that the guy that had actually father their offspring had agreed to meet with me as well!

I had had no idea that these two couples had availed themselves of the same man to father their babies, and so I was excited to see what he might have to say about this interesting and intriguing, and increasingly popular lifestyle choice that seemed especially popular among not just younger generations of whites, but also within certain older married white couples as well.

I was particularly interested to know if there was some sort of connection, direct, or indirect, to the ever-growing BlackLivesMatter movement, and recent police v******e against African Americans in general, and African American males in particular.

The place I was meeting both these couples, and the father of their offspring, was one of the couples homes in a fairly nice suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I was greeted at the front door by a smiling blond of about 40 years of age, by the name of Margot. It was she and her husband Rick’s home.

In the living room there was the other married couple, Susan and Steve. Margot introduced me to her husband, Rick, and then to the other couple, Susan and Steve, and then to the younger black man, Dax. I thanked them all for allowing me to interview them. What follows is a somewhat edited version of the interview that afternoon.

First off, thank you all for agreeing to meet me! Thanks for your willingness to do this.

I guess the most obvious place to start would be for me to ask each of you, Margot, and Rick; and Susan and Steve, how you came to the decision to have an interracial c***d instead of through your own husbands efforts?

Margot—Rick and I have always been troubled by the South’s legacy of racism, but more than that, but by it’s tenacious persistence. So, even with all the Civil Rights legislation that was passed, racism merely went underground for a great many Southerners we knew and lived among.

When we decided to get married, it was actually Rick’s idea (at first) that to do something really revolutionary, and radical about racism, and as Southerners especially, that deciding to have interracial c***dren, instead of them being white, would be both unmistakably visible, and undeniable, to the rest of our Southern citizens. But having a black baby wasn’t just for political reasons (that would be a terrible thing), but because we both really wanted to have the opportunity to love, and cherish, such a ‘mixed race’ c***d! We wanted that to prove to our fellow Southerners that the color of the c***d’s skin had no bearing on anything really; and that it was HUMAN, and therefore worthy of love!