(by EROS)

Chapter 1

Tina Simpson moaned softly into her husband’s mouth as he skinned
the tight, silk panties she was wearing down over her slim, girlish
hips. She had been looking forward to this since lunchtime when she
began to get the familiar, unmistakable urge for sex. It had been
hell at work, trying to stop herself staring at every tight, male
bulge that walked past, and her pussy had been wet and tingly all

Now a young-looking thirty-four, Tina had always been a very
highly sexed woman, even in her teens. This had of course attracted
many boyfriends, but only her husband, Dave had been able to
regularly satisfy her lustful cravings. They were two peas in a pod,
and sex between them had always been fast, furious and frequent.

“Are you sure the k**s are asleep, Dave?” whispered Tina, wrapping
her long, slim fingers around her husband’s rapidly lengthening cock.

“Yeah, don’t worry honey.” he replied, squeezing her breasts with
one hand. “John went to bed hours ago. He’s got that big game
tomorrow, he’ll be dreaming about the big touchdown by now, babe.”

Tina pulled gently up and down on his stiff joint, rubbing her
thumb up over the fat, purple head.

“What about Julie?” she moaned as his hands caressed her tingling

“Julie’s light was on, but you know how she always falls asleep
reading. Right now honey, all I’m interested in is this hot little
pussy of yours”

Opening her thighs, Tina let his other hand have free access to
her cunt and moaned loudly as his fingers cupped her sex, slipping
inside the tight, juicy slit with practiced ease.

“Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good!”, murmured Tina, as she
hunched her slick pussy up around her husband’s fingers. “Ooooh,
Dave, I need fucking so badly! Don’t waste too much time, I’m
already wet!”

Indeed she was.. as soon as Dave’s fingers entered his wife’s
flooded pussy, a veritable stream of warm, fragrant cunt juices
bathed his hand and her fluttering vaginal muscles nibbled
delightfully at his fingers.

“Jesus Christ, baby you’re hot!…. and your pussy’s so wet!”
Dave whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into his wife’s
quivering hole.

“Fuck me then! Stick it in and fuck me hard! I want your big,
fat cock baby!”

Tina rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pulling her
husband’s rigid prick into her seething snatch like a woman
possessed. Spurred on by Tina’s obvious desperate need, Dave wasted
no more time in driving his huge cock into the tender, delicate,
hungering flesh of his wife’s cunt. Her long, tapered legs swept
higher, capturing her husband’s powerful body, her heels locked just
above the crack of his ass, giving her the added leverage she needed.

Dave felt the walls of his wife’s pussy spread apart, moulding
around his invading cock like a glove as he slid easily into her, his
mighty shaft impaling her hot little snatch until his balls came to
rest against her pinkly puckered asshole.