Family Stan - Kelley Chapter 3

What does our little fallen angel have in mind now? Well, maybe you should read.

Kelley thought about undoing her father from where she had him shackled, hand and foot to their basement gym, but decided against it. He had gotten to enjoy his time with her… she now wanted to have some fun of her own!

She looked over and saw the cheval mirror that he had given her for Christmas a couple of years back. She had had it in her bedroom, but it was such a tiny room, she moved it down to the basement after she nearly broke a toe on it for the third time. She and her Dad used it now when they were working out because as he had taught her as she was trying to build muscle for gymnastics, ‘Form is everything.’ A very wicked thought came to her mind. She put back the item she had been looking for in her ‘goody bag’ and instead walked over to the large, nearly full-length mirror and rolled it over to next to where her father was sitting in their home gym. “What are you doing, Kelley?” he asked.

She smiled at him, leaned into him and kissed his forehead, her bare B-cup tits dancing in his face. “Don’t worry Daddy. I think you will like it and I know I will… a lot!!!” She then rubbed her tits into his face and giggled and he even laughed a little. She had worn his ass out too much for him to object to just about anything!

She walked back to where she had left her things and she picked up two items and then walked slowly back toward her dad. At 20 years of age, with a rock hard body earned by years of gymnastics and weight training (now coaching both) Kelley was a blonde haired goddess. She was also, technically a virgin. Technically. She had also been busted earlier in the evening by the town cops who caught her and her friend Brenda giving blowjobs to strangers in the park. No charges, but…. It had started a conversation which had led to her stripping for her father after handcuffing him to their gym stack. When she knelt down to suck his cock and drained his balls (it was the first time someone other than his own right hand had done so in a dozen years) let’s just say all was forgiven!

But now, as she walked toward him Stan wondered what was running through his daughter’s mind. “And what are you planning on doing with those?” Suddenly, he was no longer quite as exhausted.

“Well, I think you know what this is.” The life-like soft rubber cock was her favorite.

“It’s a dong.”

“Actually, it is more than just a dong. It is made out of the most life-like rubber polymer I have ever experienced and it is almost as big as your cock! But it also has a vibrator in it that can make me squirt like a very bad girl.”