I stood outside Miss Todd’s office door. This was not my normal weekly meeting but she had called me to a special meeting. After a while of standing there she came and opened the door. “Come in James.” Miss Todd was a very beautiful woman. She was early 30s with a slim figure, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She always dressed sexy with high heels and plenty of cleavage on show. She was often the subject of banter amongst the male members of staff although they had no chance. She was a dominant, assertive woman and everyone knew she was a lesbian with an equally stunning girlfriend. James went to sit in a chair opposite Miss Todd’s desk. “Don’t sit James. I’d prefer you to stand.” James stood in front of the desk. “Yes Miss Todd.” She sat on the desk in front of him, seductively crossing her legs and giving him a glimpse of stocking top. He felt uncomfortable as she looked him up and down for a minute. “It has been brought to my attention that you have been using your computer for applications other than for which it was intended. Let’s see, the computer department has given me a list of Web sites that you have been looking at. ‘Sissy Hook-up”, “Tranny Lingerie Lovers’, ‘TVChix’, ‘Sissy Dating’ and the list goes on. Do you have anything to say?” James felt uncomfortable. “It wasn’t me Miss Todd.” He knew this was a dismissal offence. She stared at him and went on. “Your company mobile phone records show multiple calls to transvestite chat lines and lots of late night calls.” He shuffled his feet as he knew he had been caught. “Now James I understand from friends that transvestism is addictive and very hard to give up and that true transvestites need to be wearing some female clothing at all times. So if I asked you to drop your trousers you will not be wearing panties will you? You can show me but if you refuse I will take it as your resignation.” James knew there was no way out. He needed the money so he would have to take the risk of dropping his trousers, after all she might not fire him. He undid the belt and the zip and let his suit trousers fall to the ground. She smiled. “I guessed so.” He blushed as she observed his pink lace panties. “Well, what a pretty boy you are. Nice smooth skin too.” He felt very uneasy. What was she going to do? She picked up her phone and called. “Miss Thompson, can you join us please?” Miss Thompson was the HR manager and he knew he was going to be fired. The door opened and the HR manager came in. She was in her late 20s and very pretty. Her mini skirt showed off her long legs while her large breasts had been noticed by all the men. She kissed Miss Todd on the lips and James realised she was probably a lesbian too. “You were right Sally darling. He is a little sissy and so pretty in his sexy pink panties. He or she must be very popular with the men.” They both laughed. She walked around James and squeezed his bum. “Nice ass, very sexy. You know what Sally? I think this could work.” Miss Todd nodded her head. “Yes I think do Suze. I must admit that I am starting to fancy her myself.” The two women sat on the sofa and told James to sit between them. He felt a mix of terrified and excited as he had no idea what their plan was. Miss Todd spoke first. “It’s like this James. You are clearly in breach of company policy and recently your sales results have been poor. This is clearly not acceptable and the rules state that should be fired with immediate effect. However, I am very fair and I will give you another option which I am sure will be in the company’s and your best interests. If you accept this path I will tell you what it involves.” James had no choice but to accept. “Good,” Said Miss Todd resting her hand on James’ soft thigh. Miss Thompson started to caress James’ other thigh and she explained. “There is a new government directive which means we need a higher proportion of women in the workplace. You are going to become a woman full time. You will retain your current role and you will be allocated clients who prefer sissies to natural girls. As you will be able to please them we expect your sales results to improve fast. You will also look after the personal needs of myself and Miss Todd.” James was shocked but also excited. Miss Todd continued. “You will become a gurl full-time. Miss Thompson will look after the legal issues with you becoming a gurl. The company doctor will oversee your physical transformation and I am going to enjoy dressing you up as my pretty sissy plaything.” James’ heart was beating fast. “I am arranging for some decorators to go to your flat this afternoon. They will feminize your flat and remove any aspects of your male life. They will be their a few days and you will also provide sexual favours for them as they wish.” James loved sex. He prefered older men but he would never say no to cock. Miss Todd pressed a button on her intercom. “Jane honey, can you bring in the sissy’s clothes?” Jane was Miss Todd’s PA and was known to share her bed on business trips. James felt a bit embarassed as the young girl came in with a suitcase. “You’re right Miss Todd. She’s so pretty.” Jane clearly fancied James too as a gurl. The young girl left, no doubt to give her pussy a quick rub. Miss Thompson then spoke. “We guessed your sizes but let’s make you into a nice pretty gurl so we can enjoy you properly. The two ladies then proceeded to dress James: black lace bra and panties with matching suspender belt, sheer black stockings, a pink mini skirt and pink satin blouse. The black 4” heels fitted perfectly. A silver necklace had the word slut on it and the sissy was also given some rings and a couple of bracelets. Miss Todd started to do the make-up, finishing with a bright red lipstick. “With bright red everyone will know you are a cocksucker and, believe me, you will be sucking a lot of cocks.” James couldn’t argue with that; he loved cock. Miss Todd then told James to walk around the room and wiggle his ass like a slut. He took to it and was so pleased the women were looking at him but he had not noticed that Miss Todd was caressing Miss Thompson’s thigh. “He, sorry she, needs a new name. What shall we choose?” Miss Thompson thought. “How about Sindy like the doll? It’s sexy.” Miss Todd agreed, “yes I think so too and it suits her.” By now Miss Todd had her hand inside the HR manager’s panties. “Sindy, come over here and make Miss Thompson cum with your tongue and you can do me afterwards.” Sindy did as she was told. She prefered men but it would be an honour to lick the cunts of these two beautiful ladies. She knelt down and pulled Miss Thompson’s panties aside. She had never licked pussy before but the woman was very wet and she came quickly. Sindy then used her tongue on Miss Todd who squirted her own juice over Sindy’s face. “She is going to make a wonderful gurl Suze and she is already showing amazing promise as a lesbian. I might just have to pass her around my lady friends too.” They both laughed. “Look what I have,” said Miss Thompson as she produced two strap-on dildos. They both took off their skirts and positioned the dildos. “Spit roast, I think,” said Miss Todd as she pulled Sindy’s head down onto her cock. Miss Thompson pulled down Sindy’s panties and applied some lube to her sissy cunt. Sindy was so excited. These two women were amazing and she felt special. “Fuck her hard Suze, just in case the decorators don’t use her later.” Suze laughed, “I certainly will darling. I love fucking sissies.” Sindy had her mouth full and she was grateful for the lube as Miss Thompson didn’t waste time but pushed her cock all the way in before starting a steady fucking rhythm. “She can take it Sally. She will be having so much cock from now on.” Sindy was loving it even though the cock in her pussy was stretching her. After a while the ladies switched positions so Miss Todd could fuck Sindy’s tight cunt. “This is so much fun Suze. I might even take her to one of the Pink Pussy nights so ladies can all have a go. I’m sure she will be able to manage without men from time to time.” They both laughed. As Sindy felt a sissy orgasm throughout her body she became aware that the PA was filming her being fucked. “Don’t worry about that,” said Miss Todd, “Just something to show my friends and a little insurance policy in case you wish to change your mind.” The ladies dressed again and Sindy pulled up her panties. The ladies kissed. “I suggest that Sindy goes home now as the decorators must need some pussy. She can go on the bus as it is rush hour soon and she needs to get used to walking in heels. We can take her shopping tomorrow and have some dress up fun with her but I already have some men lined up for her to please.” Sindy left the room to return home, very nervous but also looking forward to her new life.