Finally, Doing It Correctly

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Although, George did not agree with the answer, his parents gave him, to cancel their vacation plan to Europe but he had to take it. This was his vacation time also but the parents said that they had their trip paid already and they did not want to waste their money plus they could not take him along with the same discounts and deals they got for them. Not only this, although, George was already a senior in high school, a nascent adult of good health, the parents said outright that they could not leave him alone as the in charge of the house and they had asked aunt Ruth to move in with him for the 4 weeks period, they were going to be away. Aunt Ruth was 32—33, married to uncle Lesner for almost 15 years, a Major in the army, serving out of the country. They thought, she would look after the house as well as their boy.

Normally, it would have been an insult to have been left with a kind of babysitter but Aunt Ruth was a cool person, fun to be around and also looked very attractive and sexy. After subletting her apartment, she moved in their house. On many get-togethers’ George’s friends had always laughed with George, telling him that his aunt was worth dreaming for. A couple had even told him that she had been the reason for several of their wet dreams. Honestly, as ashamed as George was but he had also thought of her while he masturbated many a times. Just an innocent motherfucking fantasy.

Almost a week, after George’s parents were gone, George was having trouble sleeping after the shower and kept tossing and turning in the bed and figuring, she must be sound sleep in her room, George decided to go down to the kitchen and fix himself a sandwich or something. Reaching the kitchen, he saw the bleak light coming from the family room with a very low TV sound on as well. He was a bit surprised and went to see, if Aunt Ruth was awake or had just left the TV on by mistake. He saw her sound asleep stretched on the sofa with the TV on and also the lights on.

He walked over to the TV and turned it off, almost starting towards the light when she moved a little and the blanket, covering her, fell on the carpet. From his vantage point, he was looking straight up her legs to see the white panties covering her pussy giving him an instant hard on although he tried to leave from there, unsuccessfully. His control was taken over by the hormones and his cock had risen up like never before. He began to move but not towards the light switch but this time towards the sofa. He needed a closer look. He knew, his mind was asking for just a peek but it was impossible to have a look and run to bathroom and release the tension there. Probably it won’t matter, what she looked like. George was a typical teenaged horn dog but she was also a fox. George was knowing that she was his aunt and also happily married for so long.