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I was just out of college and was living with a girl, Hayley, for 3 years. She was a very fit girl as she was a runner. I was not fit, but I am thin. She knew I was a lesbian and she didn’t care. I never went after her, but I did really love her. One day, she came back home after a weekend with her boyfriend and she told me she was going to be moving in with him. I was distraught. I did not want her to leave me. She started packing some things and that’s when I decided to tell her that I was in love with her and didn’t want her to leave. She didn’t give any response back to me and just walked out the door with a small bag of her things. I didn’t hear from her until the next day when she came back with a gift bag and put it on the counter. I was on the couch watching TV and said I’m sorry for what I said. She didn’t say anything, just came over to me on the couch.

She stood in between me and the TV. I was wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt and she was wearing a very sexy outfit of tight black dress pants and a low cut tan blouse. Without thinking, I blurted out that she looked very beautiful. She smiled at me and reached out and put her hand on my cheek. I looked up at her and she bent over and gave me a long, soft kiss on my lips. I was so shocked and got really turned on. She kept kissing me and we started making out really hard. She straddled me on the couch and kept kissing me and she started moving her hands down to my breasts. My boobs aren’t huge as they are only b-cups with tiny pink nipples, but hers were larger than mine. My nipples got really hard as she rubbed them over my sweatshirt. She then moved her hands down to the bottom of my shirt and started pulling up my shirt to take it off. I was not wearing a bra so my boobs were exposed for her to look at.

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She got off me and stood up and took of her blouse and she was wearing a very sexy white bra. She grabbed my hands and brought them up to her boobs for me to rub them. I was in pure ecstasy when I touched her boobs. While I was rubbing them, she unstrapped her bra and I pulled it off, exposing her big red nipples. I tried standing up to suck on them but she pushed me down.

She then started taking off her pants and I noticed she was not wearing any underwear. I have been wanting to see her naked since the day we met and she is standing in front of me now, completely naked. She finally said something to me.