I finally talked him into it.

I’m 33 years old. I’ve been with the same guy since I was 14. My taboo fantasy was to fuck a black guy. I have a great sex life, my husband wasn’t the typical white guy. 9 inchs long and about 3+ thick it was great. That’s not what my fantasy came from.

It was my family, my whole life I was told it was wrong; that I’d be disowned blah blah blah. So for me it was rebellious taboo that I so wanted.

Well my hubby is a pretty open guy, heck I’ve been with many many girls over time. He was good with it, but this it was a long time before he gave in.

I’m 5’7 135 pound curvy in the right places. I have long red hair, and in on the freaky side of sex..

After he gave in we both sat down and agreed on the rules. I had join a site to find black men. Yet the amount of fakes and flakes was overwhelming.

But one day we were entering our local cannabis store and the black security guard told my husband.

” damn man girl is hottest ”

It sparked the idea. Out in the parking lot hubby told me what was said.

” babe that’s the one, I’ve had my eye on him for a while now ”

Hubby said he’d be right back and jumped out thr car. He was gone for a few minutes and came back.

” all good we are meeting him a bar for drinks, we can see where it goes from there. ”

I was surprised, he seemed to really dig this now. But regardless I was getting what I wanted.

Fast forward to that night….

We’d been at our local for about 10 minutes, I was watching the door like a hawk….

When I saw him come in I knew tonight is the night. He was tall, about 6’5 or 6’6 thin and a rail so around 180 to 200 pounds super dark skinned.

He sat down, wasting no time I ordered us all drinks and started conversation up. I can be pretty charismatic when want. He was from Jamaica and had only been in the states for about a year. Didnt know many people and loved that we were all out. We talked for about 2 years hubby just listened.

I leaned over to hubby and said hotel room.

” already booked your favorite place ”

It did take much convincing to get out guest, Sean to to go. Hubby had everything ready apparently. He had packed us overnight bags and lots of alcohol.

We drove in separate cars and I rode with Sean, so he didn’t get lost. Hubby left and we sat at the bar for a few minutes. It wasn’t long but he had me riled up in seconds after hubby pulled away. We sat the making out like school k**s. The taste of his lips was driving crazy. He was rubbing l legs, and I could feel the wetness spreading.