First Boyfriend Left A Permanent Impression

Picture a small southern Indiana community, during an idyllic time. Lots of nice conservative churches, lots of nice conservative, mostly white, families, during the early Sixties. A time that would be before any modern liberation movement for women…or men. Sex, chemicals, and rock N roll are supposed to be years into the future.

A sixteen year old guy and girl leave their United Methodist Sunday church service and drive straight out to an unoccupied family farm that is owned by the guy’s family. The sixteen year old guy was a friend of both the girl and myself. And he was helping the girl celebrate that famous sixteenth birthday…today.

He took her straight to a back bedroom of the farm house, stripped her down, and made slow intense love to her. All still very legal in Indiana. She jacked his huge cock, and attempted to suck on it, but his head was almost too big to get into her mouth. They both worked intensely to try to get a large condom on that cock. Even though it was a large condom (for the Sixties), when fully rolled out, it only fit down about half of the shaft length.

First Boyfriend Left A Permanent Impression

She got into the standard missionary position, spread her legs, and helped spread her vagina, so that he might enter. With some extra KY, he smoothly entered her. Soon they were into an intense rhythm. That cock was disappearing into her. Since that last rib or coil of the condom was not down to his base, it sort of acted like a tickler – with a one latex bump in and a one latex bump hitting going out. It was an accidental extra effect, due only to the limits of the condom size that he could find . With her hymen long gone, the only bleeding that occasionally would now occur was due to that ring hitting her opening so very very very often.

She was having a great day. She was already cumming intensely. This was the penis that tore up her hymen, gave her first orgasms, and remodeled her vagina. It REALLY set the standard for all future fucking. After all, she now expected her vagina to be over extended, to send sensory messages in all directions, to engage muscles all over body. This young female was far past the clitoral effect. She expected her body to quiver and jerk, with tingling sensations going from head to foot. Everything was suppose to climax. She knew that was all standard, when fucking this fellow. All standard when fucking any guy?

For this birthday, he worked on her for almost 20 minutes. Quite a bit of control for such a young person! Then, he loaded the condom with a ton of cum. His recovery time was impressive. For, in less than a half hour, he was back up. And they both worked, with even more difficulty, to get that second condom on him.

First Boyfriend Left A Permanent Impression 2