That evening, I thought about how much cum shot out of Fred’s small cock. He was definitely a “fire hose” and a “yogurt” man. That is the name I give to a guy whose cum is real thick and clumpy. Other labels I have invented for cummers are “shooters,” “volcanos,” “squirt guns,” “water boys,” “leakers,” and “fire hoses.” I will explain each one. Shooters are those guys that shoot their cum long distances. I have had a guy pop and hit the wall behind him. Now that is a shooter. Volcanos are those cocks where the cum just flows out like lava without a lot of shooting. Squirt guns are the routine squirting of a cock when it cums with an average amount of sperm. Water boys are those guys’ cum that is real thin and runny like water. Leakers are a weak orgasms where the cock produces a small amount of cum that basically oozes out. Finally, fire hoses are those cocks that shoot a large amount and can just about fill your mouth or totally mess up a face with one load.

I actually was busy that Saturday and all the next week so I thought about the glory hole room for the next 10 days. I really needed to go suck off some cocks in order to get myself off. It was as though that place was my own personal “porn” which I used as a source to masturbate. Finally, that Saturday arrived and I had a two hour window to get over there. I had all my essentials in my purse as always. That was the evening for a lot of firsts and diversity.

Right off the bat, the first cock was long and thinner and I was on my knees deepthoating it. It had been so long since I was last there, I was out of my mind with lust. I gagged and swallowed it down to the balls. I wanted him to cum down my throat and not in my mouth. I had to stop a minute and free myself of my clothes. I took off everything and even flipped my sandals to the side. I was completely naked and uninhibited. In no time, I was back on that hard cock and swallowing all 8 inches. Just as I hoped, it let loose and shot directly in the back of my throat. I came so hard on my finger when that pulsating cock blasted off.

The next cock was a brown cock and my very first uncircumcised one. It had all this foreskin pulled up over the head which reminded me of a turtle hiding in its shell. It was soft and I pulled the skin back like it was no big deal and sucked it very vigorously until it shot in my mouth in no time. I swallowed it and already another cock was sticking out of the other hole. I sucked it off in about 10 minutes using a lot of hand and that is when a black cock popped out of the first hole. It was light skinned black with a pink head. It was thrilling to have my first black one. It was about 7 inches and very thick. I jerked and sucked while using the wand on my pussy. There was something about it being black got me off three times before it spurted its spunk in my mouth. He was definitely a yogurt man.