Oliver stood for sometime outside ,he was locked in thought. He questioned himself over and over,”is this the right thing?” He thought back to his conversation with Sian the night before while they lay in bed,both of them had agreed that they needed some direction in life,but they also shared a desire to receive corporal correction,they wanted to feel the humiliation of baring their bottoms and then feel the sting of a good spanking. They had heard about the local Monastery of Repentance where errant people were ‘invited’ to confess and receive a just punishment and so they both had decided to call the number and ask for an appointment. Oliver had called the Monastery and was told that they could come that very day. at 11am. Sian had to go to work but it was decided that he would go alone and experience what happened inside the Monastery then they would both go the following day. And now Oliver stood outside,he looked up at the clock above the archway of the Monastery ,it read 10:55, it was now or never he thought and walked towards the gate. Above the gate he noticed a date carved in stone which read’ ANNO DOMINI 1670′.He took a deep breath and walked towards an old stone building,the door was open and he stepped inside.
“Welcome,what can I do for you?,” a monk wearing a long black habit sitting behind a table asked.
“Hi,my name is Oliver and I was told I could come here at 11 to speak with someone about receiving …ehm,sorry this is embarrassing ….”
“Corporal correction ,is that the phrase you are looking for,boy?” the Monk said.
“Yes,yes,that’s it.sorry,” Oliver replied meekly.
“What is your name,boy?” the Monk asked.
“Oliver,Sir,” Oliver said as he watched the Monk look at a large ledger on the table in front of him,then he picked up a telephone receiver and after a moment spoke before replacing the receiver and looking at Oliver..
“Ah yes,” the Monk finally said. “I have you now Oliver,you are very fortunate,the Abbot himself is free for the next thirty minutes and will see you.”Follow that corridor,” the Monk said pointing to a passageway on his right , “the Abbot’s study is the last door on the right,knock at the door and wait for the Abbot to bid you enter,is that clear,boy?”
“Yes,thank you,Sir”,Oliver said and turned to walk along the corridor,he did not realise that the Monk was staring with longing at his bottom.

Oliver reached the Abbot’s study and knocked as he waited he noticed the inscription on the door, ‘ABBOT BENEDICTUS’. Oliver wondered how many more people had stood outside this very door knowing what lay ahead for them at the hands of the Abbot? Oliver heard shuffling inside and a moment later the door was opened by a short ,fat Monk wearing a long black wool habit,his face was almost covered by the hood of the habit.Oliver was tall and looked down at the Abbot who barely came to Oliver’s chest in height.
“Yes,boy,what can I do for you?” the Abbot said in a monotone voice.
“My name is Oliver and the person at the front desk told me I could come and see you ,” Oliver said looking down at the short,fat Monk and trying to stop himself from breaking into a giggle,all of a sudden this seemed quite funny.
“Ah,yes,Oliver,come inside,” the Abbot said standing aside and ushering Oliver inside.
Oliver entered a small room which seemed smaller because it was lined with bookshelves filled with books,a table and chair occupied one corner of the room and another armless chair stood in the center of the room,there was small blackboard standing to the left of the door,there was also two school desks and chairs facing the blackboard.The Abbot noticed Oliver look at the desks and said, “I am afraid they indicate my passion for teaching,I sometimes give lessons in Latin and Ancient history,when I am not too busy dealing with the those who wish to repent,” the Abbot said,closing the door. Oliver suddenly felt very self conscious,how was he going to explain what he wanted to the Abbot,how was he going to explain that both he and Sian wanted to be spanked?
He decided the best policy was honesty and said, “Abbot I am here and my girlfriend will be here tomorrow because…” he was not given time to finish.
“Because you both wish to repent,I understand,my boy.Many find it difficult to explain why they come here,I have many years experience dealing with those penitents that I have come to read their minds,you might say,I know what they want and I know what is expected of me”,the Abbot said.
“Yes,Abbot,” Oliver replied,feeling a bit happier that he did not have to go into a long explanation.
The Abbot sat on the chair in the center of the room and said,”Now,Oliver would you like to experience a spanking,so that you cane go home and tell the lovely Sian what to expect?” the Abbot said.
Oliver had noticed a smile on the face of the Abbot,he could see that the Abbot was already breathing a little more heavily and rubbing the palms of his hands together gently.
“If that would be okay,then yes,Abbot,” Oliver said without really thinking,he felt a great personal urge to experience what it would be like to receive a spanking.
“Very well,Oliver,come here and confess,” the Abbot said,there was a hint of excitement in his voice.
“Confess?,sorry,I don’t know what to say,I have never confessed before,” Oliver said.
“Not to worry,boy;tell me what is the one thing you have done that you never have been punished for,let us say when you were at school?” the Abbot said.
Oliver thought for a few moments as he watched the Abbot continue to rub his hands together.Oliver felt that the Abbot was excited,he suddenly wondered would the Abbot also be excited having Sian over his knee?
“Well boy,have you thought of something?” the Abbot asked,bringing Oliver back from his thoughts.
“I broke a vase in the church,Abbot,I use be in a teenage gang and we…”
“Enough boy,come over here and we will deal with that issue,” the Abbot ordered.
As Oliver approached the Abbot he wondered was the Abbot sexually excited under his habit.
Oliver stood before the Abbot and said,”I am sorry Abbot for what I have done.”
“Good Oliver,that is a start,now I want you to lower your trousers and shorts and place yourself over my lap,then we will begin”,the Abbot said with grin.
Oliver looked down at the Abbot and opened his ,he lowered his jeans and then his white shorts.He suddenly became aware of his penis beginning to become erect,he had tried to surpress it but had failed,what would the Abbot say.
“Well Oliver,it seems that you are receptive to corporal discipline,or at the very least to the expectation of it;I must wonder is the lovely Sian also the same way?”
“Yes,sorry,Abbot,we are,” Oliver replied as the Abbot ushered him around to his right hand side.
“Very well boy,place yourself over my lap,you naughty boy.