First Time To Try Isabel's Sweet PeeThe warm stream of sweet liquid hit my lips, causing me to flinch a little as it splashed against my upper lip and nose. Instantly my mouth was full of the sugary, clear wash spurting from Isabel’s pee hole. Her hand pulled upward above her clit, parting her pretty labia just enough to bare the tiny opening where the spring of tasty urine flowed out in a straight line into my mouth. I was not prepared for how sexy it was, or how sweet it was. She looked down at me with hungry eyes as I drank from her, swallowing in deep gulps. The excess ran down my chin and dripped off my breasts onto the tile floor. The pee swelled in a pool in the back of my throat, until I swallowed. She drank so much equal-sweetened water, it seemed endless.

I just met Isabel a few weeks ago. I’ve always been kind of a conservative girl, repressed from growing up in a strict family. I didn’t date until I was college aged, and then I still had a curfew. I love masturbating though. And fantasizing, though I felt guilty about it. I’ve had one serious boyfriend and we had sex, but it wasn’t that great. Isabel changed everything with her open talk about sex and her body, even her experimental fantasies. We masturbated together one night, just to try it. She wanted to touch my body while I was touching mysFirst Time To Try Isabel's Sweet Pee 2elf and I let her. The next weekend, we were going down on each other. She made me cum three times in a row! I was really nervous I wouldn’t be able to please her. And, I was a little scared I’d be put off by vagina. But, hers is pretty and has a salty/sweet taste and once I made her cum the first time I was hooked.

Then spring break came and we decided to go to the beach for a night and try some more things. She showed me this video of girls peeing in each other’s mouths and I was like “fuck no!” until she explained how to sweeten it and make it sexy. At that point, I was so past restraint I just said, “Fuck it. Let’s try it. If it’s gross we’ll do something else.”

Now, taking her honey sweet stream on my face and chest, I was hooked yet again. I rubbed the warm water over my boobs, enjoying it like a sweet shower. I moved in and locked my lips around her pussy with my mouth open, taking her piss in my throFirst Time To Try Isabel's Sweet Pee 3at like a baby suckling from a mother’s nipple. The flow continued to rush into my mouth. I swallowed all of it, sealed to her pussy, not wanting to lose any of it.

She moaned softly as my lip caressed her clit. “That’s it mama,” she whispered. “You like it, don’t you?”

I nodded. Swallowing and licking upward, I let the stream splash my chin a rush warmly down my chest. “More,” I said, locking my mouth over her pussy again. She smiled satisfied, closed her eyes, leaned her head back enjoying the feeling of my mouth on her pussy and bore down. I felt the pressure from her diaphragm causing the skin around her vagina to swell slightly, the pink inside of her pussy pushing out towards my tongue. Suddenly the flow of pee almost doubled. I couldn’t keep up! I swallowed quickly, but streams of her sugar water burbled on either side of my mouth. She held her hand on the back of my head, pushing me in harder betwFirst Time To Try Isabel's Sweet Pee 4een her legs as I slathered her pussy with my tongue. Pee and saliva spurted left and right. Her moaning escalated. The stream of wee slowed a bit, but I felt her body rising towards and orgasm. I wanted her to cum while the pee was still flowing. So, I attacked her sensitive places with my lips and tongue. Her clit swelled a pretty pink as her hips began to quiver.