Agnes is currently studying to become a hairdresser, and she is an apprentice at the salon where I usually go. The first time I met her, she sent me a beaming smile as I walked in. I was attracted to her right from the start. She has a very nice pair of boobs and a cute body. She has a beautiful face and a sweet smile. But what immediately attracted my attention was her butt – it is perfectly shaped with a luscious pair of butt cheeks. I started fantasizing about doing her from behind the minute I saw her.

First time with Agnes
As I was seated in a chair, she started washing my hair. I loved feeling her fingers against my skin, and she washed my head in a rather sensual way. We started talking casually. She was really nice to talk to. I enjoyed her company, and the more we talked, the more I just wanted to fuck her brains out. Before I left the salon, we had connected on social media and we had talked briefly of seeing each other again during the weekend.

We met at a cafe not too far from where I live. It was obvious that she was into me. She leaned forward on the table showing me her beautiful cleavage. Her eyes were sparkling stars. Her sweet lips kept smiling at me. I fantasized about sticking my erected cock in her mouth and have her suck on it, feeling her lips around my throbbing cock head. I wanted her to taste my cum.

We left the cafe and went back to my place. As soon as we had closed the door behind us, we started kissing. She was hot and ready, sticking her cute little tongue in my mouth. My big hands soon found her butt and I grabbed her gorgeous butt cheeks firmly with both hands. She pushed herself harder up against me. She was wearing a black dress and its thin fabric made it very easy for me to feel the lines of her lingerie. She was wearing a g-string. I gently lifted up her skirt and slipped my hands inside, feeling the soft skin of her nude butt cheeks against my palms. As we kept kissing, she unzipped my pants and pulled them down. Her hands quickly pulled down my shorts, and my erected cock swung out and pointed right at her. I am 10 years older than Agnes and my cock is that of a man – probably a lot bigger than anything she had seen before. In any case, she stared at my hard cock as if she was dreaming. She touched it gently with her fingers. Then she knelt down on the floor, opened her sweet mouth and sucked on my cock ever so gently. It felt heavenly.

First time with Agnes 2
Looking down on her beautiful face with my big pecker in her mouth was amazing. She sucked it gently, licking around the big head, and touching my balls with her delicate fingers. I let my fingers run through her beautiful hair, caressing her, making her feel relaxed. “Oh, I love your cock – it’s so big…” she moaned and looked up at me sweetly. She jerked on my cock with her right hand before she started sucking it again. She kissed my throbbing cock head and took it in her mouth, tasting it. I was afraid I was going to cum prematurely, so I led her into my bedroom.