I’ve been fascinated by panties for longer than I can remember. I’m not even sure when I first realized it either. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of beating off to dozens of girl’s unmentionables. There’s just something about getting your hands on something that most girls try extra hard to hide. It makes it even better when they belong to a girl that you have absolutely no shot with. Just being able to smell their aroma will instantly make me stiff.

There’s one experience that I dont think I’ll ever forget. I had just turned twenty one and was at my Aunt & Uncle’s for a family bbq/ get together. It was an insanely hot day and everyone was gathered out back by the pool. Having just reached the legal drinking age I was more than excited to finally be able to booze in front of my family. As I sat by the pool stuffing my face with snacks and washing it down with ice cold beer I saw my aunt and cousin, Jocelyn walking around the house to join us. Jocelyn was several years younger than me and I’d never really thought of her in any sexual manner. But for some reason she caught me off guard. Maybe it was the alcohol but I just couldnt help but notice how incredibly sexy she had become. She was wearing a plain yellow tank top and a pair of very short khaki shorts which showed off her long slender legs. Her long brunette hair was down past her shoulders. Hell, even her feet looked super sexy with her toenails painted pink. She had a purple Nike gym bag d****d across her back.They made the rounds greeting and hugging everyone. My aunt asked Jocelyn if she had brought her suit and she nodded cheerfully. She told her to go change and grab whatever she wanted from any of the coolers on the deck.

First time with my cousin's thong
It didnt take long for her to change and I noticed from the corner of my eye the sliding door open from which she emerged. I tried not to stare but she was wearing the tightest plain black bikini. God I couldnt believe I was actually checking her out but damn, she looked amazing. I watched as she slowly stepped into the pool. Her bikini bottoms were hugging her tight little ass and the water only made them look better. I tried to focus on anything else. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to see me drooling over Jocelyn so I got up, grabbed another beer, and went to talk to one of my uncles. It didnt take long for me to crush another brew and realize that it was finally time to break the seal.

I made my way into the house and used the downstairs bathroom. As I closed the door behind me I was stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting right in the corner of the room was Jocelyn’s backpack. My heart froze. As much as I knew I shouldn’t I just had to see what was inside. I’d never even thought about Jocelyn’s panties before but seeing her in that fucking tight bikini had me sold. I picked the bag up and slowly opened it. A plain white bra sat tight on top. I pulled it out and reached for the tag. Victoria’s Secret, 34B. That alone sent my mind into a whirlwind. My little cousin was shopping at Victoria’s Secret. For some reason I still pictured her as such an innocent thing but now pandoras box was open and I could only imagine what else was in store. I reached back into the bag and moved her shirt to the side to see her khaki shorts. I grabbed them out and as I did so something fell to my feet. When I looked down my jaw nearly hit the floor. Sitting on my foot was a lime green thong. As I picked it up to inspect it further it only got better. It was a mesh g-string and it was completely see through. My hands were fucking shaking as I looked at its tag. Victoria’s Secret. Extra Small. It felt damp to the touch and as I peered into the gussett I couldnt believe my eyes. It was absolutely soaked in thick white grool. I slowly brought it to my face and could smell her pussy before it even reached my nose. The smell was absolutely out of this world. I dont even remember dropping my swim trunks or falling to my knees but before I knew it I was ferociously jerking my cock with her g string pressed against my face. My tongue was already licking at the part of the string that had been resting against her asshole. Sweat poured from me as I beat my meat harder than I ever had before. I just couldnt believe my little cousin even owned a pair of undies this sexy or revealing. I could feel my balls tightening and I knew I wouldnt last much longer. I opened the thong back up and wrapped the creamy gussett around my cock. I smeared her girl goo all over my shaft. I was lost in the moment to the point where I had forgotten where I was. A few more strokes was all that I needed. Then, with the gussett wrapped around the head of my cock I began shooting my load. One, two, three, four, solid ropes shot out filling her tiny g string. I could see my cum shooting through the thin mesh material and dripping onto the floor. I couldnt stop myself. A few more drips came out before it was over.