I sat there panting, out of breath before my head began to clear. Then it hit me. What had I just done? I looked down to see the g string absolutely drenched in my jizz. Fuck! Panicking I tried to wipe my cum off with my fingers. The damage was done though…. Jocelyn’s little g string had just soaked up what was quite possibly the biggest load I had ever had. I fumbled around as I tried placing them back into her shorts and threw them back into her bag. My heart was pounding even harder than before as I cleaned up and washed my face in cold water. I tried to gain my composure as I returned to the party. I wasnt even sure how long I had been gone.

Upon arriving back to the pool i quietly grabbed another beer and sat back down. Jocelyn was still in the pool. I could hardly even look her way. She was a whole new girl to me. As much as I tried to fight it my thoughts kept coming back to that lime green g string… and what it mustve looked like lost in between her tight little ass cheeks.

Not much longer she got out of the pool and wrapped herself up in a towel. She quickly ate and I prayed that she would go back in for another swim. However, she started to head back towards the house. What was probably only minutes felt like an eternity. The sliding door opened and she stepped back outside…. dressed in her shirt and khakis again. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” were the only words racing through my mind. She seemed to act normal and came back with a diet coke in hand. She even sat at the table with me and a few of our other cousins. There were no signs of awkwardness. Was she really wearing that cum soaked g string? I just had to know for certain. So I returned inside and her bag was now sitting by a chair in the hallway. I made sure the coast was clear and grabbed it, bringing it into the bathroom. I ripped it open. I yanked her towel out and could tell her bikini was inside. I unraveled it and the bikini fell out. No g string. I peered into the bag. Nothing. “Fuck me….” All I could picture was that g string. Soaked in my cum. Tightly pressed up into her pussy. I was hard again. Without any though I yanked my shorts down again and fell back to my knees. This time I had her bikini bottoms to my face as I once again began to masturbate. It took a few more minutes but still not very long. I wanted more. I layed the bottoms down beneath me with the gusset opened up. If given the chance I wouldve fucked the shit out of her right then and there. I groaned as I came again. This time a much smaller load spurted out into them. The white cum contrasted nicely against the dark black material. I was spent. My cock was sore.