Rachel had told me to wear something cool and loose for our first fitness session as we would be doing some stretches and muscle toning so I decided that my tatty old silk boxers would fit the bill as they would allow the movement required so after Mrs J had gone I slipped them on and sent my neighbour a text to say I was ready whenever she was.
10 minutes later a smiling Rachel tapped on my open patio door, “Hi Frank” she said as she walked in and OMG she looked ready to rock-n-roll in her short white sports shorts which were turned down at the waistband exposing her flat toned abs and as they weren’t very tight would give her the room for leg movement, what surprised me though was instead of her usual tight sports bra she had on a white loose crop top which I figured from the right angle wouldn’t be hiding her perky 34b’s, Mmm so nice.

I stood up to greet her and she looked me up and down checking my attire would be fit for purpose, “Oh WOW Frank” she said looking at my tatty old silky boxers, “They look um… perfect” she continued with a cheeky grin.
“Ok Frank” she said, “We are going to do some stretching and toning exercises today” she said putting her bag down, “I will demonstrate the exercise first and then help you with it, is that ok?” she asked and I nodded my head, “I will leave myself in your capable hands” I replied returning the smile.
She explained that we would take our time as the last thing we needed was a pulled muscle or any type of injury and she made me promise to tell her if I felt any discomfort at any time.

The first exercise was to stand with legs about 18” apart and bending down touching the floor between the legs and then stretching hands out forwards as far as possible and then hold for 10 seconds, Rachel explained that this would stretch the hamstring toning up the muscles.
I stood behind her as she got into position and when she bent down to do part one her little white shorts tightened against her pussy lips and it soon became apparent that she wasn’t wearing any panties and then as she moved her hands forwards I crouched down to observe the position between her widened legs. Not only was the thin fabric producing a sweet cameltoe between her legs but her crop top dropped giving me the perfect view of her perky 34b’s, she could hold this position for as long as she wanted and as I focused between her legs I could see the smooth flesh of her pussy either side of her shorts, Mmm.

I could see her glance back at me through her legs and with me crouching I knew my balls were hanging low which may have been the reason she stayed in position for much longer than the allotted 10 seconds but I certainly want complaining.
Finally she straightened up and her face was a bit flushed which was to be expected, “Ok Frank, your turn” she said softly so I took my position with legs spread and with Rachel positioned behind me I bent down putting my fingers on the floor and holding there for a few seconds, “Mmm that’s good Frank” came the soft voice from behind and I knew my bits were exposed, “Now push your hands forward and hold” she said softly and I obeyed her command and as my tatty old boxers tightened up I could feel not only my balls hanging down but so was my cock.