[Story] Sexy Mother Attempts to Give Son a Special Birthday Gift

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2“Michael, today is your eighteenth birthday and I would like to give you a
very special gift that I know you will always remember.”

Is it a new video game?

“No, it’s not a video game. Look at the way I’m dressed and guess again.”

I don’t know what you mean by that, but is the gift a new phone?

“No, I’m going to let you do anything you want to me for an hour.”

I don’t know what you mean by that either.

“Well, do you like to fuck? You can fuck me if you want.”

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 2Mom, I’m gay.

“Oh my God… I’m so embarrassed. I just thought you didn’t have a girlfriend
because you are very shy. Please excuse me and I would like to apologize.”

You don’t need to apologize. Even though I’m gay, I still think that you are
a very beautiful woman.

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 3“Well, now we are getting somewhere. I have an idea what we could do.
How about if we did a roleplay?”

You mean like acting we are someone else?

“Yes. How about we pretend that I’m a very handsome guy and you would
like to have sex with me.”

I don’t know.

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 4“I will take off my dress then get down on my hands and knees and you can
fuck me in the ass.”

Oh, I see what you mean now. Yeah, let’s do that. It sounds like fun.

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 5“Well, let’s get started. Do you have some lube?”


“Good. Now, for the next hour I want you to call me David.”

Okay David.

[Story] Father Gives Twenty Year Old Daughter Panties for Her Birthday Gift

“Franziska, come to the living room. Tomorrow is your birthday and I have
some gifts for you!”

Daddy, it will be a few minutes. I just took a shower and have to put on some
makeup and get dressed.

“There’s no need to get dressed. I bought you some new panties from
Victoria’s Secret and want you to model them for me. It will be okay if you
are naked.”

Are you sure? What about Mom?

“She went shopping and won’t be home for an hour.”

Well, okay.

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 6[Thirty seconds later]

Were are they?

“On the couch right next to you. Try on the red ones first.”


Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 7“Do you like them?”

These are super nice and fit me perfectly.

Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 8“Now try on the pink ones.”


Five Taboo Picture Stories 2 9I like these pink panties too.

“Great. You can keep those but give me the red ones.”

Why do you want them back? I thought both panties were my birthday gifts.

“They are, but you have to wait until tomorrow. I will leave them on your bed.”

What are you going to do with them?

“Nothing. I just decided to give you one gift today and one tomorrow.”

Daddy, I know you are a pervert and bet that you are going to sniff my new
panties while thinking about fucking me.