[Story] Farmer’s Daughter Enjoys Being Topless Outdoors Doing Chores

Five Taboo Picture Stories AndyDickerMother confronts daughter in the barn and discusses her behavior:

“Jenny, I know that you like to walk around the farm half naked when the
weather is warm, but you are twenty years old now and shouldn’t do that
anymore. Your brother Jason turned eighteen recently and most likely
interested in girls, so you are unnecessarily teasing him. I want you to start
wearing a shirt beginning today.”

He’s definitely interested in girls.

“How do you know that?”

From the way he acts around me. You should have seen him when I pulled
down my shorts to show him how smooth I was after shaving. He got really

“Oh my God, I want you to stop doing things like that too. Anyway, why do
you and Jason go out to the barn every day and spend about an hour there?”

We feed the livestock and other chores.

“For some reason I suspect that you and him are doing more than just your
chores together. Listen, I don’t see why you should close the barn’s large
sliding doors. Leave them open from now on and just close them at night.
I want to be able to see from my kitchen window what’s going on in there.”

Mom, is it okay if I start wearing a shirt tomorrow?

“I suppose so, but why can’t you do that today?”

Because Jason and I are going to ride our horses over to the pond and go
skinny dipping. I would put on a shirt but then just have to take it off a few
minutes later.

“Skinny dipping? Oh my God, you are going to give me a heart attack. No more
skinny dipping young lady and no more pulling your shorts down. If you want
to go swimming with your brother then you must wear a swimsuit. Go to the
house and put on your bikini.”

Is it okay with you if I wear just the bottoms?

“Jenny, I don’t think you understand what I’m trying to say. Forget about the
conversation we just had. You are twenty years old and can do whatever you
want. If you choose to walk around the farm wearing only bikini bottoms and
go skinny dipping with your brother then that’s your decision.”

Mom, are you angry with me for some reason?

“A little bit, but only because of frustration. I’m fine now. Dinner will be ready
in about an hour, so you and Jason don’t be late.”


“One last thing. You said that you and Jason were going to ride the horses over
to the pond, but there is only one in the barn. The other is way out in the

Oh, I just remembered that Jason said we should take off our clothes here at
the barn then both ride one horse bareback. We have never done that before
and it sounds like fun.

“Oh my God… I sure hope that’s the only thing you and Jason are doing