Flo and I met 12 years ago via an adult site. It took awhile to actually hook up but it was worth it. She was laid off from her job and in the tail end of a divorce and so wanted to fulfill her every sexual desire. She was the submissive type and was taken advantage of in many cases at first until she did a 180 and decided to get what she wanted instead of what was offered or coerced into. Our relationship was in the midst of her transition.

Our first meet and greet, if you will, was on New Years Day. She made the traditional dinner and at the time she was into pics and videos of herself and wanted pics of someone else to her ever growing album. I volunteered to be her guinea pig wholeheartedly. At the time I was in very good shape with solid abs and looked forward to showing off my 8.5″ 3.5″ round cock. Truthfully it was one of the first times I had met someone with her sexual appetite. As close to a nympho I had ever met up to that time in my life.

We had our dinner and after cleaning up a bit we went to her bedroom with the tripod and camera all ready to go with the flip of a switch. Getting undressed for me was easy as I made sure everything was a loose fit. After my shirt came off she gave out a slight sigh and I started to undress her, top clothing first. Her tits were better than expected. Huge aerolas with little thimbles sticking out. I knew she loved having them sucked and I was looking forward to it. The more I pleasured her with my mouth the shakier her legs became and before long we both were naked and I was lying on her bed facing the camera stroking my cock as we had planned.

Well, this did not last as in less than a minute she was on me sucking my hard cock as I had rarely felt before. I don’t know about you but I have found that everyone has a different was when it comes to giving or receiving oral sex. Some like it slow, which I find in most women with a smaller clit. Others, like Flo who’s clit was over an inch, liked it sucked and tongued a bit faster as her orgasm drew near.

When she first started sucking me, she went slow and deliberate in every effort to get me as hard as I had ever been in my life. When she had the desired effect she got on top and hung her big tits in my face and I started sucking and playing as she liked. I had thought we were going to fuck like rabbits but to my surprise she was an outtie as opposed to an innie, By that I mean feeling a hard cock against her clit was more satisfying than fucking.