[ This is for ‘Jack.’ Covid-19 has put an end to such things, for now, at least. But, hopefully, in the not too distant future, glory holes will be a thing again! ]

Number One: Conner

I sat patiently, or as patient as I could, for Conner to show up at my glory hole.

Conner was one of several younger (20 + year old) glory hole patrons that I had, and he was nearly a weekly, and sometimes twice-weekly, visitor. I knew his parents. Of course, they had no idea that their youngest son loved getting his cock sucked, let alone by me! But, since neither Conner, nor I, were likely to divulge that to them, I wasn’t worried. Besides, Conner was an adult. His visits were of his choosing. I hadn’t forced him. So, there was nothing i*****l about any of it. It was entirely by mutual consent.

When I heard the back door to the garage where my glory hole was located open and close, my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of what I had to look forwards to—namely, a BIG cock, and, perhaps more importantly, a BIG load of hot, fresh cum for me!

I watched through the glory hole as Conner hurriedly tugged his shorts and underwear down, and wiping his cock with some pre-moistened towelettes I always had setting next to the glory hole on a small table I’d found in an antique store for just that purpose, I shuffled up close and inserted his already swelling cock. For a second or so I gazed at it as it hung stiffly there in the light.

“I’ve missed that big dick of yours, Conner,” I said, in all truthfulness. Then, without wasting any more time with talk, I immediately began sucking it, and fondling his ample balls.

“God!” I heard him say, “I’ve MISSED this!”

Hearing that made me excited, and so I proceeded to give Conner the best blow job I possibly could (as I always did, but not having seen him in a while, I was especially eager to do so)!

What else can I say about the next 15 or 20 minuets…except that I simply LOVED having Conner’s cock like that ALL TO MYSELF!

Neither of us were in any apparent hurry for the climax to occur, but I got so enthusiastic about his beautiful cock, that he came perhaps a little bit sooner than was absolutely necessary; and yet, as I held his big, club-like cock in my mouth as he spurted his sperm, I didn’t regret it. I swallowed every last drop of it, too! It was delicious, thick, and creamy.

When I felt his cock slowly sagging, I (somewhat reluctantly) let it slip out from between my lips with a sigh.

“Wow,” I said, watching as h drew his cock back through the hole. “That,” I added, “was fan-tastic! Thank you very much!”

“Your welcome!” I heard him say, as he zipped up his fly, in preparation of leaving.