I must say I left the guest house with a heavy heart as I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, I told the staff that if any of them was ever in my area to look me up and they all promised they would, I even gave Jo my number.
It was a good 5-hour drive home and it was a hot day so my decision was just shorts for the trip and I have to say I spent the first hour or so with a boner reflecting on my holiday.

By the time I wanted to stop for refreshments my erection had subsided however on close inspection it was obvious I was commando with my cock flopping about under my shorts. I pulled into this little secluded rest area and easily found somewhere to park and had a quick look around, there was a little café with toilets which was needed. I sat in my car for a while checking my phone when a message came through, “Hi Frank.. have a safe trip home, Jo xx” which I thought was nice so I sent a reply back, “Thanks Jo, cum see me sometime xx” I thought I would return the kisses and I got an immediate reply, “Lol.. you can’t spell.. it’s come NOT cum xx” which I thought was funny and damn if I wasn’t getting a boner again thinking of her, how old was she really? My guess is she had a few years to go before she celebrated this milestone but I would probably never know.

Just then a car pulls up next to me to my left, I glanced across at the guy driving, he smiled and nodded and I nodded back in return, just a gentlemanly thing to do. I could see he had someone in the car and it looked like it was probably his daughter unless he had k**napped a young girl, I could also see a dog jumping about in the back seat.
As he stepped out the car I could see he was just in shorts like myself and he turned back to his daughter, “Please Jodie, get off that damn phone and take the dog for a walk” was his stern instruction and I looked into his car and saw her throwing her phone down and with attitude responded, “FINE! And I hope I get lost!” she said as she got out the car holding on to the dogs lead.

She certainly had the face of someone who didn’t want to take the dog for a walk however the dog, a cute puppy boxer, had other ideas as he jumped around, Jodie looked across at me as I got out my car and walked around the front, her tone changed as she obviously didn’t want to make a scene and just smiled and walked off into a clearing that led into the trees, she was a slight girl, seen more meat on a butchers hook and had on a baggy crop top that barely concealed her flat chest and a pair of shorts that were very short, luckily they looked a size too big otherwise she might reveal more than she wanted to.
The guy turned to me very apologetic for his daughters behaviour saying, “Damn teenagers!” and I could certainly relate to that with my own experiences with Lisa, “Yeah, she’s at THAT age!” he said with a giggle, I certainly knew ‘THAT’ age too, I called it ‘the curiosity years’ when Lisa wanted to know the ins and outs of a ducks arse, I think Mick as I now know him knew where I was coming from.