I was short. 5’4″ 125 lbs and lean. I always wanted to have little titties though. I worked out and had some pecs as guys call them. When I was younger I would try on my sisters clothes. I looked like a guy in girls clothes but always wondered what if I did some make up.

So many years later a single stoner and living on the beach, friends would visit. I had to be careful as I did like to play dress up now and then. But I had some really hot girl friends and sex was the best. Every now and then they would indulge me and I would wear their panties during sex. One thing, I work out but for some reason my tits started getting rounder.

One day 2 friends came over we got stoned and they found a pair of my GF’s sexy panties lying around. One of them asked if they were mine and I said no. The other said, “I bet you look cute in them you little sissy.” Come on guys, you know I have some hot cute girl friends. Yea, we know one of them and she told use about your fetish when we were giving her a DP session.

Oh shit, I thought. You know those protein pills she has been buying for you? They are really this supplement called Bountiful Breasts. That’s why you are looking like a little sissy with tits and wanting to dress more often. We all stood up and the sandwiched me between them and put their hands on my shoulders. The one behind me removed his hands and dropped is surfer shorts and said, “Lets do Him like we did her.” The spun me going down to m y knees and I was slapped in the face with a rock hard 8″ beautiful specimen of a cock. Big balls hanging, right in front of me. He stepped forward and I leaned back but my other friend was there and his cock was resting on my shoulder. A red hot poker.

Submission was the game of the day. Back and forth the used my mouth, cock and balls slapping me. I must have been getting into it because the let up in their grip. They stopped after a few minutes and said, “Get those panties on. Suck our cocks you slut.” I saw myself in the mirror and was excites at how hot I looked. Long surfer beach hair, tank top, pokie titties and panties. Was this who I really am, I thought.

Friends can be naughty Pt 1
I was lost in sex and they were enjoying it. After they abused my mouth one moved and pulled the panties down. I could feel his cock between my ass cheeks. It was warm and slick from my saliva. I said, wait, I have some really good lube. Yea, your girl friend told us how you like to get a dildo while she blows you too. Jesus, what did she not tell them.